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Are you into saving money? What about supporting small businesses?

I’ve curated an eclectic, ever-evolving collection of beauty and wellness brands that I think are pretty awesome, and I’ve organized their links for you by category and alphabetically. They range from department store brands to small businesses trying to make a name for themselves to brands that can only be found online. You can even use my site as a portal to retailers such as Walmart, Amazon and AVON! Just click a link you fancy and shop like normal.

Here are a few examples:

What’s more, I post online coupon and promo codes daily from here, usually before 1 PM Oklahoma time, so bookmark me and check back often for massive savings and specials.

And finally, I maintain an event calendar for online sample sales and flash events (in the navigation menu above ☝🏼). If you don’t know what those are, they’re when a brand needs to get rid of some product fast to make room for their new inventory. They sell that outdated or unpopular product at tremendous discounts, sometimes up to 60% or 70% off!


11/22: codes+promos; added sample/flash sales:
       1. Fini Brand Online Sample Sale (starts 11/29)
       2. 111Skin Online Sample Sale (starts 11/30)
       3. ÉTICA Denim Online Sample Sale (starts 11/30)
       4. Deepa Gurnani Online Sample Sale (starts 12/1)
       5. 375 Showroom: Off-White Women’s Flash Sale (starts 12/2)
       6. The Lazy Poet Online Sample Sale (starts 12/2)
       7. Onzie Online Sample Sale (starts 12/5)
       8. ANUJA THE LABEL Online Sample Sale (starts 12/6)
       9. Reply Forward Online Sample Sale (starts 12/7)
       10. Eva Franco Online Sample Sale (starts 12/9)
       11. Pastel Online Sample Sale (starts 12/9)
       12. Amanda Pearl Online Sample Sale (starts 12/13)
       13. Bestir: Elvine Online Sample Sale (starts 12/13)
11/19 – 11/21: Thanksgiving Mini-Break
11/18: codes+promos ✅; posted today’s ICYMI; added sample sales:
       1. Amicale Cashmere Online Sample Sale
       2. GORSKI Online Sample Sale (starts 11/23)
       3. KITES AND BITES Online Sample Sale (starts 12/1)
11/17: posted ICYMI; codes+promos ✅; sample sales:
       1. Rococo Sand Online Sample Sale
       2. Hemant & Nandita Online Sample Sale
       3. 360 Cashmere Online Sample Sale (starts 11/22)
       4. Cariloha Online Sample Sale (starts 11/22)
       5. Departo + Stellar Works Online Sample Sale (starts 11/22)
       6. Filoro Online Sample Sale (starts 11/30)
       7. Dauphines of New York Online Sample Sale (starts 12/6)
11/16: Kids home sick; added Lyssé to the Niche catalogue; codes+promos ✅; today’s ICYMI post; added sample sales:
       1. Tao & Friends Online Sample Sale (starts 12/1)
       2. Giggle Online Sample Sale (starts 12/6)
       3. Tata Naka Online Sample Sale (starts 12/8)
       4. Thorsun Online Sample Sale (starts 12/8)
       5. MARCELL VON BERLIN Online Sample Sale (starts 12/9)
11/15: codes+promos ✅
11/11: posted ICYMI; Singles’ Day codes+promos ✅
11/10: posted ICYMI; codes+promos post ✅; added flash/sample sales:
       1. Coach & Michael Kors: Accessories
       2. French Knot: Knit Accessories
       3. Handbags You’ll Love
       4. Hvisk Online Sample Sale (starts 11/23)
       5. Babette Wasserman Online Sample Sale (starts 12/1)
       6. Labeca London Online Sample Sale (starts 12/7)
       7. Hip Curve Online Sample Sale (starts 12/8)
       8. Kristinit Online Holiday Sample Sale (starts 12/9)
11/9: updated AVON page with C25 deets; added Campaign 25 page under AVON menu; updated ticker to reflect AVON C25; posted ICYMI; codes+promos ✅; flash/sample sales:
       1. Kate Spade New York: Outerwear
       2. Franco Sarto: Shoes for All Seasons
       3. Versace, Giorgio Armani & More
       4. Lifestyle Event + ParrishLA (starts 11/16)
11/8: posted today’s ICYMI; codes+promos ✅; added flash/sample sales:
       1. Lunya Online Sample Sale
       2. Gaiam: Activewear
       3. Dior, Tom Ford & More
       4. Journee Collection Boots
       5. Onia Online Sample Sale (starts 11/16)
       6. Amicale Cashmere Online Sample Sale (starts 11/16)
       7. Artis Brushes Online Sample Sale (starts 11/16)
       8. Annahatta Online Sample Sale (starts 12/2)
       9. Hope for Flowers Online Sample Sale (starts 12/7)
11/6: posted Modlily code dump; added Gomez-Gracia and Cynthia Gale New York Online Sample Sales
11/5: promo post
11/4: codes+promos ✅; ICYMI post; added Koochické Online Holiday Sample Sale (starts 12/1)
11/3: added Michael Kors to the Niche catalogue; codes+promos ✅; posted ICYMI; added flash events & sample sales:
       1. Coach: Accessories
       2. Gucci, Prada & More: Eyewear
       3. Vintage Louis Vuitton & Gucci
       4. Reiss Online Sample Sale (starts 11/9)
       5. SPLITS59 Online Sample Sale (starts 11/9)
       6. Portolano Online Sample Sale (starts 11/9)
11/2: codes+promos ✅; posted ICYMI; added flash event/sample sales:
       1. 7 For All Mankind
       2. Thorsun Childrenswear Online Sample Sale (starts 11/16)
       3. Bonpoint Online Sample Sale (starts 11/9)
       4. Exquise Online Sample Sale (starts 11/29)
       5. Bridge Showroom: Summum Online Sample Sale (starts 11/29)
       6. Athena Designs Online Sample Sale (starts 12/1)
11/1: ICYMI post; codes+promos ✅; added flash events & sample sales:
       1. Birkenstock: Men & Women
       2. Billabong: Women
       3. Coach: Accessories
       4. Cosheroom Online Sample Sale (starts 11/30)
       5. COCO MOKA Online Sample Sale (starts 12/6)
10/31: 🎃 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! 👻; codes+promos ✅; posted ICYMI; added flash events:
       1. Menstrual Underwear
       2. Cape Robbin: Fashion Footwear
       3. Season’s Best: Stocking Stuffers
       4. Season’s Best: Gifts for Women
       5. Steve Madden: Outerwear
       6. Holiday Central: Outfits to Gifts
10/29: scheduled future posts; created flipbook for AVON 2022 C25; added Muses Only, Crocs and Showroom to the Niche catalogue; added flash/sample sales:
       1. Madewell: Fall Styles
       2. Adam & Eve and More
       3. Dr. Skinfeed Online Sample Sale (starts 11/25)
       4. Hanro Online Sample Sale (starts 11/12)
       5. Bestir Events: Fenn Wright Manson Super Clearance Sale (begins 11/16)
       6. chaYkra Online Sample Sale (starts 11/17)
10/28: ICYMI post; codes+promos ✅; added flash/sample sales:
       1. Personalized Planet: Holiday Décor
       2. Vera Bradley
       3. October’s Top Tech Accessories
       4. Vintage Louis Vuitton & Gucci
       5. Fini Brand Online Sample Sale (begins 11/22)
10/27: codes+promos ✅; ICYMI post; added sample/flash sales:
       1. Solawave: Anti-Aging Wands & Serums
       2. Kikkerland: Quirky + Useful Gifts
       3. Tory Burch: Accessories & Shoes
       4. Influencers’ Fave Gifts
       5. dyson
       6. Province Apothecary
       7. Spiritual Gangster Online Sample Sale (starts 11/10)
       8. Gold Hawk Online Sample Sale (starts 11/18)
       9. Renascence Men’s Multibrand Online Sample Sale (starts 11/2)
       10. 375 Showroom: Givenchy Online Sample Sale/b> (starts 11/15)
       11. Bestir Events: Luxury Lingerie Online Clearance Sale (starts 11/18)
       12. Luxe Designers Online Sample Sale (starts 11/25)
       13. Cmplt Unknwn Online Sample Sale (starts 11/29)
       14. Fleur of England Online Sample Sale (starts 11/29)
10/26: scheduled future posts; condensed clothing category in site menu; added Clothing + Apparel main page including all brands; codes+promos ✅; ICYMI post; added AVON C24; updated ticker to reflect C24; flash/sample sales:
        1. Gaiam: Activewear Under $25
        2. Kate Spade NY: Accessories
        3. The Sak & Sakroots
        4. Cuisinart Flash Event
        5. Anuschka & Anna by Anuschka
        6. LoveShackFancy Online Sample Sale
        7. Areaware Online Sample Sale
        8. RicherPoorer Online Sample Sale
10/25: codes+promos; sample/flash sales:
        1. Ganni Online Sample Sale
        2. Dr. Brandt Skincare Online Sample Sale
        3. LAHGO Online Sample Sale
        4. Barton Perreira Online Sample Sale
        5. Equinox Online Sample Sale
        6. RE/DONE Online Sample Sale
        7. Avant Garde Online Holiday Sample Sale
        8. Luxury & Emerging Multi-Brands Online Archive Sale
        9. Elizabeth Gillett Online Holiday Sample Sale
        10. 375 Showroom: Hood by Air Men’s Online Sample Sale
        11. Krewe du Q Online Black Friday Sample Sale
        12. Hearts on Fire Online Sample Sale
        13. Baciano Online Sample Sale
        14. Ariana Bohling Online Sample Sale
10/13 – 10/24: GOT MARRIED + HONEYMOON!!
10/12: codes+promos; posted ICYMI; updated ticker & main AVON page to reflect AVON C23; added flash/sample sales:
       1. Season’s Best: Apparel to Home
       2. Lucky Brand: Kids to Adults
       3. Laura Heems Online Sample Sale
       4. LXR & Co. Online Sample Sale
       5. Hanky Panky Online Sample Sale
       6. The Sill Online Sample Sale
       7. The Bright Side by Rocky Barnes Online Sample Sale
10/11: scheduled future posts; codes+promos; ICYMI; flash/sample sales:
       1. Naturalizer Flash Event
       2. Peach: Activewear Flash Sale
10/10: codes+promos; ICYMI post
10/9: tweaked homepage; added Campaign 23 page under AVON category; added sample/flash sales:
       1. Cheer All Year: NCAA
       2. Cheer All Year: NFL
       3. Avante Garde Online Sample Sale
       4. Complexgeometries Online Sample Sale
       5. Multibrand Streetwear Event
       6. Cozy Up to Quilts
10/7: updated Amazon links sitewide; added brands to coupon center; ICYMI post; codes+promos; sample/flash sales:
        1. Australia Luxe Collective Online Sample Sale
        2. Overtime Online Sample Sale
        3. Marc Jacobs: Accessories
        4. An Autumn-Ready Closet
10/6: ICYMI post; codes+promos; sample/flash sales:
       1. AVON Makeup Flash Sale
       2. Kenzo T-Shirts Online Sample Sale
       3. The Annual Thomas Paul Warehouse Sale
       4. Bloomingdale’s Friends & Family Sale
       5. Tom Dixon Online Sample Sale
       6. Catimini Online Sample Sale
10/5: a few promotional posts; applied to more brands
10/4: SICK 🤢
10/3: SICK 🤮
10/2: posted a few coupon codes; updated Amazon link; scheduled future posts; flash/sample sales:
       1. Kiko Leather Online Sample Sale
       2. The Fall Sweater Collection Flash Event
10/1: kids w/ grandparents… FREEEEEEEEDOM!
9/30: posted ICYMI; codes+promos; flash/sample sales:
       1. Steve Madden & More Flash Sale
       2. Tory Burch: Accessories & Shoes
       3. Zesica Flash Event
       4. The Sleep Code Online Sample Sale
       5. P448 Online Sample Sale
       6. Christy Dawn Online Sample Sale
       7. ABS by Allen Schwartz Online Sample Sale
9/29: created AVON C23 for future posting; ICYMI post; codes+promos; flash/sample sales:
       1. Holiday Vibes: Edgy
       2. Holiday Vibes: Cozy
       3. Holiday Vibes: Dreamy
       4. Holiday Vibes: Kitschy
       5. Joan Oloff Online Sample Sale
9/28: updated ticker and AVON home page to reflect Avon C22; ICYMI; codes+promos; flash/sample sales:
       1. LIVELY: Intimates to Loungewear
       2. Santa’s Workshop Flash Event
       3. OTBT: Footwear Flash Event
       4. Cro-Che Online Sample Sale
       5. Restock On Gift Wrap
       6. Fall In Glove Online Sample Sale
9/27: scheduled sale post for 9/28; added Hadley Pollet and cocokind to the Niche catalogue; posted ICYMI; codes+promos; flash/sample sales:
       1. c’est beau1872 Online Sample Sale
       2. alice + olivia Online Friends & Family Sale
       3. Alex and Ani: Jewelry
       4. egs by éloges: S-3X
       5. Style Inspo: ’50s Glamour
       6. RED HOT by SPANX®: S-3X
       7. Looks for a Fall Out West
       8. Ready for the Cold: Adults’ Outerwear
       9. Holiday Vibe: Scary, Then Merry
9/26: promos
9/25: just promos today
9/24: added AVON C22; codes+promos; sample/flash sales:
       1. Slippers from MUK LUKS
       2. COACH Flash Event
       3. Area Stars Online Sample Sale
9/23: posted today’s events; codes+promos; sample/flash sales:
       1. Calvin Klein: Kids to Adults
       2. Compañía Fantástica Online Sample Sale
       3. Scout Bags Flash Event
       4. Allegra James Shoes Online Sample Sale
9/22: scheduled posts for future promos; codes+promos; sample/flash sales:
       1. Fave New Finds Flash Event
       2. Venus: Plus Too
       3. Naturalizer: Elegant & Comfy Pairs
       4. The Fall Cardigan
       5. Access Hollywood: The It List
       6. Dauphines of New York Luxury Hair Accessories Online Sample Sale
       7. 375 Showroom Men’s & Women’s Eyewear Online Sample Sale
       8. Jakke Online Sample Sale
       9. Portolano Online Sample Sale
9/21: codes+promos; sample/flash sales:
       1. BRADY Online Sample Sale
       2. La Perla Swimwear Online Sample Sale
       3. Lucky Brand Flash Event
       4. KROST Online Sample Sale
       5. Vitos 1926 Online Sample Sale
       6. Get Into the Halloween Spirit Flash Event
       7. Fall Fashion Dresses Flash Event
       8. Thomas Laine Jewellery Online Holiday Sample Sale
       9. Parade Online Sample Sale
       10. b&t Paris Online Sample Sale
9/20: codes+promos; posted online sample sales:
       1. JORI PAPA Online Sample Sale
       2. Fillyboo Online Sample Sale
9/19: codes&promos; scheduled future posts; added sample sales/flash events:
       1. Shop. Love. Repeat.
       2. SPANX® Online Flash Event
       3. New Era Online Sample Sale
       4. BOXED (Save on Bulk Items)
       5. Style Inspo: Home for the Holidays
       6. Elemis Online Sample Sale
       7. FEIT Online Sample Sale
       8. Voice of Insiders Online Sample Sale
9/18: posted a few promos; Holle’s 8th birthday 🎉
9/17: scheduled future posts; codes&promos; sample/flash sales:
       1. Bellevue The Label Online Sample Sale
       2. Katya Katya Online Sample Sale
       3. CHI: Hot Tools
       4. Bewitching Vibes, Up to 65% Off
       5. Sheer Layers Looks: S-3X
       6. Marcell von Berlin Online Sample Sale
       7. Pumpkin Picking Looks, Up to 55% Off
9/16: codes&promos; added by/rosie jane to the Niche catalogue
9/15: codes&promos
9/14: updated ticker to reflect Campaign 21; scheduled future posts; posted today’s codes/promos; added online sample sales:
       1. Kukhareva London One-Off And Production Sample Sale
       2. HIP CURVE Online Sample Sale
       3. Pologeorgis Online Sample Sale
       4. GSTQ Online Sample Sale
       5. Dress For Cocktails Online Sample Sale
       6. Ana Luisa Online Sample Sale
       7. The Mayfair Group Online Sample Sale
       8. Ettitude Online Sample Sale
9/9: posted coupons & promos
9/8: posted review of Wave of Calm Amazonite Bracelet; codes/promos ✔
9/7: scheduled future posts; sample sales/flash events:
       1. Maria Cher Online Sample Sale
       2. Brianna Chickenfry Online Sample Sale
       3. St. Roche Online Sample Sale
       4. The Kooples Online Exclusive
       5. CAITLIN POWER Online Sample Sale
9/6: added MONNALISA Online Sample Sale
9/3: codes/promos; added flash events/sample sales:
       1. Adam & Eve, Up to 40% Off
       2. Christmas Prep, Up to 50% Off
9/2: tinkered w/ homepage; Labor Day Sales posts; flash/sample sales:
       1. PlanBri (Barstool Sports) Online Sample Sale
9/1: codes/promos for Labor Day 🥵
8/31: updated AVON page to reflect Campaign 21; scheduled Labor Day posts; codes & promos ✔; updated ticker to reflect C20; added flash/sample sales:
       1. Birkenstock, Starting at $79.99
       2. YUSHI: Statement-Making Jewelry
       3. Aurate Online Sample Sale
       4. Stellar Works + Departo Online Sample Sale
       5. alchemy. Online Sample Sale
8/30: updated AVON page to reflect Campaign 20; codes/promos ✓
8/29: codes/promos ✓
8/28: flash/sample sales:
       1. Backbeat & Co. Online Sample Sale
       2. FourLaps Online Sample Sale
       3. RIHOAS Online Sample Sale
       4. PixieLady: S-2X
8/27: added chatbot in lower right so I can communicate with visitors; posted codes/promos; online sample sales:
       1. Molton Brown Online Sample Sale
       2. TALIS CHAINS Online Sample Sale
       3. A_Plan_Application Online Sample Sale
       4. Eva Franco Online Sample Sale
       5. Laya Online Sample Sale
       6. MEADOW LN Online Sample Sale
       7. ALEV Jewelry Online Sample Sale
       8. Annahatta Homewear Online Sample Sale
8/26: reviewed Energy Growth Black Obsidian Mala Bracelet from Buddha Stones; posted codes
8/25: posted codes/copy; purchased from zeroUV
8/24: posted codes; purchased from Apple
8/23: posted codes; purchased products from Kinder Beauty, Urban Decay, YesStyle, Project:Yourself, Buddha Stones, and Christophe Robin
8/22: daily copy ✔️; posted flash events/sample sales:
       1. An Irish Tale: Apparel to Shoes, Up to 50% Off
       2. Amaryllis: S-3X
       3. Modern Picnic Online Sample Sale
       4. ILYSM Online Sample Sale
       5. Collette & Sebastian Online Sample Sale
       6. Bibi Bijoux Online Sample Sale
8/21: added AVON C20 info; added Dynamite, Good American, Wild Oak Boutique and Squigs to the Niche catalogue; added flash sales:
       1. Gucci & More: Accessories, Up to 50% Off
       2. Marika & More Activewear, Up to 80% Off
8/20: added events “happening now” widget to sidebar; added flash/sample sales:
       1. The Lazy Poet Online Sample Sale
       2. New Era Online Sample Sale
       3. Paradise Row Online Sample Sale
       4. Lunya Online Sample Sale
       5. Soludos Online Sample Sale
       6. Donna Karan & DKNY
       7. MISSHA: Skincare & Cosmetics, Up to 50% Off
8/19: tweaked welcome page; daily copy ✔️; added Peter Thomas Roth to the Niche catalogue
8/18: scheduled future posts; added Steve Madden and Moon Juice to the Niche catalogue; posted 8/18 codes/promos ✔️; just one sale today:
       1. Bestir Events Luxury Lingerie Online Clearance Sale
8/17: scheduled 7/18 posts; ad copy ✔️; scheduled PM posts ✔️; added flash/sample sales:
       1. Shop. Love. Repeat.: Apparel to Home, Up to 60% Off
       2. Madewell: Plus Too, Up to 60% Off
8/16: scheduled 8/17 ads; daily copy ✔️; added online sample sales:
       1. Kate Thornton Jewellery Online Sample Sale
       2. Kristinit Online Sample Sale
       3. City Chic: Austin, TX, Up to 45% Off
       4. Fall Preview: Plus, Starting at $12.99
8/15: scheduled 8/16 copy; updated ticker & AVON page to reflect C19; ad copy ✔️
8/14: scheduled 8/15 posts; ad copy ✔️; added Campaign 19 to AVON events; posted online sample sales:
       1. Commando Online Sample Sale
       2. Mark Cross Online Sample Sale
       3. 10 Crosby & ATM Online Sample Sale
8/13: no codes today… I’ll be working scheduling 8/14 ad copy & posting events; posted online flash sales:
       1. Stocking Stuffers for Grown-Ups, Starting at $8.99
       2. Fresh Décor, Fresh Feel, Up to 45% Off
       3. Karma Living: Décor, Up to 80% Off
       4. Adidas: Up to Big Kids, Up to 50% Off
       5. Dooney & Bourke: Handbags, Up to 35% Off
       6. Madewell: Plus Too, Up to 60% Off
       7. CC: Beanies & Accessories, Up to 55% Off
8/12: scheduled posts for 8/13; ad copy ✔️; codes ✔️; added sample sales:
       1. Mhanro Online Sample Sale
       2. Renascence Multibrand Online Sample Sale
       3. Mafalda Handmade Online Sample Sale
       4. Memoire Online Sample Sale
       5. Nudea Online Sample Sale
8/11: scheduled 8/12 ad copy; ad copy/codes ✔️
8/10: added AVON 2022 Campaign Schedule; added more sample sales:
       1. BURNETT New York Online Sample Sale
       2. Luxe Designer Online Sample Sale
       3. Dr. SkinFeed Online Sample Sale
       4. Sign of the Times Online Sample Sale
8/9: 🌻 let my girls play on the computer today 👯‍♀️
8/8: scheduled 8/9 posts; ad copy ✔️
8/7: scheduled 8/8 ad copy; codes ✔️
8/6: scheduled 8/7 AM posts; ad copy ✔️
8/5: ad copy allllll day 😰; posted flash events:
       1. Autumn Style Staples, Up to 50% Off
       2. Reebok: Swimwear, Up to 50% Off
       3. Lbisse: XS-3X
8/4: ad copy ✔️; scheduled 8/5 posts
8/3: scheduled future 8/4 posts; ad copy ✔️; added sample sales:
       1. The Bias Cut Online Sample Sale
       2. Thorsun Online Sample Sale
8/2: updated ticker; updated AVON page with Campaign 18; scheduled posts for 8/3; ad copy ✔️
8/1: scheduled 8/2 posts; dailies/ad copy ✔️
7/31: became CCPA & GDPR compliant (better late than never! 🤷🏻‍♀️); scheduled 8/1 ad copy; minor Niche housekeeping; submitted 7/31 tweet to Zulily (LAST DAY!! 🎉); dailies ✔️
7/30: added Keys Soulcare to the Niche catalogue; added brands to the Coupon Center; ad copy ✔️; submitted 7/30 tweet to Zulily; added the following flash events/sample sales:
       1. Good American: Women’s Denim, Everything Under $80
       2. Sachin & Babi, Up to 65% Off
       3. Michael Kors, Starting at $79.99!
       4. Dark Magic, Up To 45% Off
7/29: added VERSED Skin and Youth to the People to the Niche catalogue; submitted 7/29 tweet To Zulily; dailies ✔️
7/28: scheduled 7/29 ad copy; submitted 7/28 tweet for Zulily July Bonus Program; posted sample sales/flash events:
       1. KitchenAid, Up to 40% Off
       2. OMAMImini Online Sample Sale
       3. Jelly Jolly London Online Sample Sale
       4. ThirdLove: Introducing Bloom (Up to 65% Off)
       5. Nine West (Starts at $14.99)
       6. Ray-Ban Flash Event
       7. MIA Shoes (Up to 60% Off)
7/27: uploaded AVON ‘22 C18; scheduled 7/28 ad copy posts; submitted 7/27 tweet to Zulily; added flash/sample sales:
       1. Coach: Accessories
       2. Shop. Love. Repeat. : Apparel to Home
       3. Suzanne Betro: S-4X
       4. Fleur of England Online Sample Sale
       5. Seven7: Denim Deals, $29.99 & Under!
       6. Bold Boho Looks: S-3X, Starting at $12.99!!
       7. Marc Jacobs: Handbags & Eyewear, Up to 65% Off!
       8. DKNY: Apparel to Accessories, Up to 60% Off!
       9. Falke Online Sample Sale
       10. Universal Standard Online Sample Sale
7/26: scheduled 7/27 ad copy; dailies ✔️; submitted 7/26 tweet to Zulily for July Bonus Program (only 5 days left!)
7/25: scheduled 7/26 ad copy; code dumps for Lovehoney and ZAFUL; submitted 7/25 social media post to Zulily for their July Bonus Program; dailies ✔️; online sample/flash sales added:
       1. ROAM Luggage Summer Sample Sale
       2. Free People: Apparel, Starting at $29.99
       3. Outfits for A Beach Vacation, Up To 45% Off
       4. Summer Looks You Can Love… WOW-Worthy Savings
       5. Cape Robbin: Fashion Footwear
       6. Terrific Tunic Deals: S-3X
       7. Nautilus Concept: Jewelry
7/24: added Grow Gorgeous brand to the Niche catalogue; submitted 7/24 DKNY post for Zulily’s July Bonus Program; dailies/ad copy ✔️; scheduled 7/25 posts; posted flash/sample sales:
       1. Alchemy & Sorcery Online Sample Sale
       2. Ulla Johnson Online Sample Sale
       3. Pam & Gela Online Sample Sale
       4. Snapper Rock Online Sample Sale
       5. Homesio: Household Must-Haves
       6. Bueno: Footwear, Up To 40% Off
7/23: added brand pages for Reformation, Well People and Quim; scheduled 7/24 posts; added donations widget (hey… you never know 🤷🏻‍♀️); dailies/ad copy ✔️; submitted 7/23 Zulily post for July Bonus Program; added to events:
       1. Where the Fans Thrive: NFL, Up to 50% Off
       2. 375 Showroom Moschino Online Sample Sale
       3. APL Online Sample Sale, Up To 60% Off
7/22: scheduled 7/23 posts; dailies ✔️; submitted Tory Burch post to Zulily’s July Bonus Program for 7/22; added STATE to coupon center
7/21: scheduled 7/22 posts; submitted 7/21 post to Zulily for July Bonus Program; dailies ✔️
7/20: posted daily promos; updated ticker with C17 link and end date; updated AVON page for Campaign 17; submitted Levi’s flash event Twitter post for Zulily’s July Bonus Program; ad copy ✔️; added flash events and sample sales:
       1. Pastel Online Sample Sale
       2. LXR Online Sample Sale
       3. MeMe London Online Sample Sale
       4. Celeste Starre Online Sample Sale
       5. Levi’s: Men & Women, Starting At $12.99
7/19: scheduled future posts; ad copy; submitted Zulily 7/19 post
7/17: ad copy; submitted Nine West & Anne Klein flash event to Zulily for July Bonus Program
7/15: added brands to coupon center; submitted 7/15 post for July Bonus Program; finished ad copy ✔️; posted online sample sales & flash events:
        Reusable Lunch & Hydration Finds
        Gaiam Apparel
        Zip Top: Reusable Containers
        Effortlessly Chic: Apparel to Shoes
        Gold Hawk Online Sample Sale
        Barefoot Dreams Online Sample Sale
        Nakeid Online Sample Sale
        Ariana Bohling Online Sample Sale
        x by Gottex Studio Online Sample Sale
        Cmplt Unknwn Online Sample Sale
        For Art’s Sake Online Sample Sale
7/14: submitted 7/14 post for Zulily; posted dailies/ad copy ✔️
7/13: submitted Zulily post for July Bonus Program; posted dailies/ad copy ✔️
7/12: HAPPY PRIME DAY!! Posted code dumps for Juice Beauty and another post for Cowgirl Kim, Couture Candy and DECIEM codes; posted flash sales in the events section; submitted 7/12 tweet for Zulily July Bonus Program; posted dailies/ad copy ✔️
7/11: scheduled future posts; 7/11 post for Zulily July Bonus Program; dailies/ad copy ✔️
7/10: more flash and sample sales in the events section; added The INKEY List, Loragal and The Beach People to the Niche catalogue; submitted 7/10 post for Zulily’s July Bonus Program; dailies/ad emails ✔️
7/9: SICK DAY 🤒; added c’est beau1872 and Koochické sample sales to events section; submitted post for Zulily’s July Bonus Program
7/8: added prAna to the Niche catalogue; submitted SOREL event for July 8th Zulily July Bonus Program; dailies/ad emails ✔️
7/7: added Callahan Knitwear, The Sampler, Le Specs and Skiny online sample sales in the events section; began including Apple Affiliate links in posts; submitted LEGO event to Zulily for July Bonus Program; posted dailies/ad emails ✔️
7/6: added Labeca London and Angela Mitchell online sample sales to events; code dumps for Abbey Glass and Art In Aging; updated Zaful page with Rakuten links; posted dailies/ad emails ✔️; submitted July 6th Zulily Twitter post for their July Bonus Program
7/5: alphabetized the brands in the Niche Coupon Center; updated AVON page to reflect Campaign 17; posted dailies/ad emails ✔️; posted July 5 submission for Zulily’s July Bonus Program
7/4: dailies/ad emails ✔️; submitted July 4th Zulily event for July Bonus Program
7/3: code dump for The Ayurveda Experience; added Rollemu Shop and Ever-Pretty to the Niche catalogue; added Allegra James Online Sample Sale to the events page; dailies/ad emails ✔️; added 7/3 Zulily post for July Bonus Program
7/2: added Hey Honey and SPARITUAL to the Niche catalogue; added AVON Campaign 17 What’s New; posted dailies/ad emails; added 7/2 Zulily post for July Bonus Program
7/1: so. many. codes today; updated Shopbop links to Rakuten; updated ticker; added Zulily flash events for July Bonus Program (1 post/day); code dumps for Skies Are Blue, Summersalt and VENUS
6/30: code dumps for Bellelily and Punk Design; finished dailies/ad emails
6/29: added zeroUV, Carbon38 and Ursime to the Niche catalogue; finished dailies/ad emails; accepted to Apple Affiliate Program (🥳); converted Unhidden Beauty links to Rakuten; code dumps for Journee Collection, VETTA, Naked Sundays, Morning Lavender, Natura Brasil and KeraFactor; updated logo on KeraFactor page
6/28: dailies & ad emails ✔️; mass codes for Buddha Pants, BellaBeauty.IO, Billabong and Halara; scheduled a couple of future posts
6/27: dailies/ad emails ✔️; mass coupon codes for Lavinia Lingerie, Kérastase and NatureLab.TOKYO (Enjoy! 😘); added brands to Yazing coupon center
6/26: completed dailies & ad emails; sent out mass coupon codes for Bluebella, Hello Molly and Briogeo; added Böhme and Naked Sundays to the Niche catalogue
6/23: dailies/ad emails ✔️; added AVON Campaign 16 brochure to AVON tab in nav menu
6/22: dailies/ad emails ✔️; scheduled more future posts; added sample sales to events page; added more brands to Yazing coupons; updated NOSH!!T page to My Skin Food🍋
6/21: dailies & ad emails ✔️; future posts; updated AVON page and Avon ticker to reflect C15
6/20: dailies & ad emails; applied to some brands; added to events
6/19: posted dailies/caught up on ad emails; added a couple of flash sales to events; added Lotus Moon, Unhidden Beauty, Nasty Gal and Facetheory to the catalogue
6/18: completed dailies/ad emails; added Baltic Børn, Ocean Beauty Cosmetics and Skies Are Blue to the catalogue
6/17: sent out dailies/promos; edited welcome page; streamlined sidebars
6/16: added feature request form to right sidebar; dailies/ad copy; OMG fi.nal.ly approved by Google AdSense 🎉
6/15: sent out dailies; caught up on ad emails; scheduled future post; added One Ocean Beauty, Muse, Adore Me, Carbon38, Kiko Cosmetics and Skies Are Blue to Yazing coupon list; edited ticker; added flash sales to events
6/14: added sample sales to events; dailies/ad emails ✔️
6/13: sent out dailies; caught up on ad emails; scheduled future posts; became a rep for One Ocean Beauty
6/10: scheduled upcoming sales posts
6/9: sent out dailies; caught up on ad emails
6/8: toying w/ the idea of daily evening “trending” posts; caught up on ad/Father’s Day promo emails; updated welcome & AVON pages with C14 details; added dailies; added to events
6/7: tweaked ticker; prepped for new AVON campaign; edited post template to automatically add disclaimer and signature to all posts; dailies; added flash/sample sales
6/6: added dailies; edited welcome page; added more sample sales to events section
6/5: dailies; added Zaful; placed AVON order; researched more brands to add to Niche catalogue; updated Yazing widget
6/4: no dailies necessary; added tarte to the catalogue; added a ticker for news, updates, etc.
6/3: ordered items to review from NatureLab.TOKYO and AVON; created first-ever Walmart ad; posted dailies
6/2: became a Walmart affiliate; added Unique Vintage, Bluebella and ELOQUII to the Niche catalogue; posted dailies; added flash/sample sales to Events tab
6/1: added Alima Pure and miaou to the catalogue; daily sales/promos
5/31: updated events page w/sample and flash sales from NORDSTROM rack, MISSHA and Zulily; daily sales/promos
5/30: sales/promos; updated welcome page w/link to events calendar
5/28: sales/promos; added more sample sales to Events; added For Love & Lemons to the catalogue
5/27: sales & promos
5/26: added Shopbop to catalogue; posted Memorial Day sales as they came in; added C15 to the AVON category; shelving the idea of an online AVON form for now
5/25: added Wolf & Badger to the catalogue; added Lara Heems and c’est beau1872 sample sales to Events category (happy birthday, Dad, I miss you every day)
5/24: more Memorial Day sales and promo codes added; updated homepage with C13 digital catalogue; updated AVON page; added Tree Tribe; became a Zulily affiliate (yay, me!)
5/22: added more sample sales to Events; posted a metric ton of Memorial Day sales & promo codes. Enjoy!
5/21: added Wildfox, Torrid and UNIQLO brands
5/20: edited navigation menu; added Third Love; added SheIn to Welcome! page; Widget Options update is buggy so the Niche is a bit confused right now (hope they correct soon!); tons of May sales and promos have come that I’ll be posting at intervals so as not to drown anyone in updates 😇
5/19: added Girlfriend Collective
5/17: became Nordstrom rep, added link to homepage for ease; joined Ezoic, added to Props page; added Orcé Cosmetics to the catalogue
5/16: became Walmart rep (link in navigation menu)
5/15: added new sales/promos; updated AVON page
5/14: Miss you, Dad (5/14/17) 😞; added C14 to AVON category and events calendar; ordered brochures; decided to give up on Adsense and go with WordAds
5/13: added Spell and Shu Uemura; finished adding sample sales to Events; caught up on May promos posts; edited layout
5/12: edited welcome page
5/11: edited welcome page; added Sachin & Babi page; created events calendar & added sample sales & AVON campaigns
5/10: Became an AVON rep, added C12 & C13 pages; added Amazon to main menu

Keep coming back for more!  Nadine’s Niche is here to make your life better.  Please feel free to email me at any time at Nadine@NadinesNiche.com or use the suggestion box if you have any requests, questions or comments.  Once you register with Nadine’s Niche, you’ll know what I know.

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