Are you into saving money? What about supporting small businesses?

I’ve curated an ever-evolving collection of beauty and wellness brands that I think are pretty awesome, and I’ve organized their links for you by category and alphabetically. They range from department store brands to small businesses trying to make a name for themselves to brands that can only be found online. You can even use my site as a portal to retailers such as Amazon and AVON! Just click a link you fancy and shop like normal.

A few examples…

What’s more, I post online coupon and promo codes daily from here, usually before 1 PM Oklahoma time, so bookmark me and check back often for massive savings and specials.

And finally, I maintain an event calendar for online sample sales and flash events (in the navigation menu above ☝🏼). If you don’t know what those are, they’re when a brand needs to get rid of some product fast to make room for their new inventory. They sell that outdated or unpopular product at tremendous discounts, sometimes up to 60% or 70% off!


6/30: code dumps for Bellelily and Punk Design; finished dailies/ad emails
6/29: added zeroUV, Carbon38 and Ursime to the Niche catalogue; finished dailies/ad emails; accepted to Apple Affiliate Program (🥳); converted Unhidden Beauty links to Rakuten; code dumps for Journee Collection, VETTA, Naked Sundays, Morning Lavender, Natura Brasil and KeraFactor; updated logo on KeraFactor page
6/28: dailies & ad emails ✔️; mass codes for Buddha Pants, BellaBeauty.IO, Billabong and Halara; scheduled a couple of future posts
6/27: dailies/ad emails ✔️; mass coupon codes for Lavinia Lingerie, Kérastase and NatureLab.TOKYO (Enjoy! 😘); added brands to Yazing coupon center
6/26: completed dailies & ad emails; sent out mass coupon codes for Bluebella, Hello Molly and Briogeo; added Böhme and Naked Sundays to the Niche catalogue
6/23: dailies/ad emails ✔️; added AVON Campaign 16 brochure to AVON tab in nav menu
6/22: dailies/ad emails ✔️; scheduled more future posts; added sample sales to events page; added more brands to Yazing coupons; updated NOSH!!T page to My Skin Food🍋
6/21: dailies & ad emails ✔️; future posts; updated AVON page and Avon ticker to reflect C15
6/20: dailies & ad emails; applied to some brands; added to events
6/19: posted dailies/caught up on ad emails; added a couple of flash sales to events; added Lotus Moon, Unhidden Beauty, Nasty Gal and Facetheory to the catalogue
6/18: completed dailies/ad emails; added Baltic Børn, Ocean Beauty Cosmetics and Skies Are Blue to the catalogue
6/17: sent out dailies/promos; edited welcome page; streamlined sidebars
6/16: added feature request form to right sidebar; dailies/ad copy; OMG fi.nal.ly approved by Google AdSense 🎉
6/15: sent out dailies; caught up on ad emails; scheduled future post; added One Ocean Beauty, Muse, Adore Me, Carbon38, Kiko Cosmetics and Skies Are Blue to Yazing coupon list; edited ticker; added flash sales to events
6/14: added sample sales to events; dailies/ad emails ✔️
6/13: sent out dailies; caught up on ad emails; scheduled future posts; became a rep for One Ocean Beauty
6/10: scheduled upcoming sales posts
6/9: sent out dailies; caught up on ad emails
6/8: toying w/ the idea of daily evening “trending” posts; caught up on ad/Father’s Day promo emails; updated welcome & AVON pages with C14 details; added dailies; added to events
6/7: tweaked ticker; prepped for new AVON campaign; edited post template to automatically add disclaimer and signature to all posts; dailies; added flash/sample sales
6/6: added dailies; edited welcome page; added more sample sales to events section
6/5: dailies; added Zaful; placed AVON order; researched more brands to add to Niche catalogue; updated Yazing widget
6/4: no dailies necessary; added tarte to the catalogue; added a ticker for news, updates, etc.
6/3: ordered items to review from NatureLab.TOKYO and AVON; created first-ever Walmart ad; posted dailies
6/2: became a Walmart affiliate; added Unique Vintage, Bluebella and ELOQUII to the Niche catalogue; posted dailies; added flash/sample sales to Events tab
6/1: added Alima Pure and miaou to the catalogue; daily sales/promos
5/31: updated events page w/sample and flash sales from NORDSTROM rack, MISSHA and Zulily; daily sales/promos
5/30: sales/promos; updated welcome page w/link to events calendar
5/28: sales/promos; added more sample sales to Events; added For Love & Lemons to the catalogue
5/27: sales & promos
5/26: added Shopbop to catalogue; posted Memorial Day sales as they came in; added C15 to the AVON category; shelving the idea of an online AVON form for now
5/25: added Wolf & Badger to the catalogue; added Lara Heems and c’est beau1872 sample sales to Events category (happy birthday, Dad, I miss you every day)
5/24: more Memorial Day sales and promo codes added; updated homepage with C13 digital catalogue; updated AVON page; added Tree Tribe; became a Zulily affiliate (yay, me!)
5/22: added more sample sales to Events; posted a metric ton of Memorial Day sales & promo codes. Enjoy!
5/21: added Wildfox, Torrid and UNIQLO brands
5/20: edited navigation menu; added Third Love; added SheIn to Welcome! page; Widget Options update is buggy so the Niche is a bit confused right now (hope they correct soon!); tons of May sales and promos have come that I’ll be posting at intervals so as not to drown anyone in updates 😇
5/19: added Girlfriend Collective
5/17: became Nordstrom rep, added link to homepage for ease; joined Ezoic, added to Props page; added Orcé Cosmetics to the catalogue
5/16: became Walmart rep (link in navigation menu)
5/15: added new sales/promos; updated AVON page
5/14: Miss you, Dad (5/14/17) 😞; added C14 to AVON category and events calendar; ordered brochures; decided to give up on Adsense and go with WordAds
5/13: added Spell and Shu Uemura; finished adding sample sales to Events; caught up on May promos posts; edited layout
5/12: edited welcome page
5/11: edited welcome page; added Sachin & Babi page; created events calendar & added sample sales & AVON campaigns
5/10: Became an AVON rep, added C12 & C13 pages; added Amazon to main menu

Keep coming back for more!  Nadine’s Niche is here to make your life better.  Please feel free to email me at any time at Nadine@NadinesNiche.com or use the suggestion box if you have any requests, questions or comments.  Once you register with Nadine’s Niche, you’ll know what I know.

Happy shopping 🛍

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