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Hello, all! I’ll just get right to it:

If you have experienced or are experiencing hair loss, be it cosmetic or medical, you really should take a look at SkinQRI… specifically, KeraFactor. They have come up with a system that promotes hair growth beyond what you were told was possible. They don’t offer scads of products, opting instead to focus on what’s been proven to work: their scalp-tingling shampoo and conditioner combo, and their stimulating toner and the KeraCap, with its narrow bands of 630-670nm red lasers that greatly increases scalp circulation, resulting in an improvement in hair quality for both males and females.

Next up is Kiehl’s, the finest apothecary skincare. They’ve been at this since 1851, y’all, making all sorts of skincare, cosmetics, tinctures and honeys. They have their own team of dermatologists on hand to develop and produce only the most natural ingredients for your skin. Kiehl’s carries products for any and all skin types and concerns.

Feed your spirit. Inspire your mind. Elevate your body. Enlighten your life. Buddha Stones is an online store offering a thought-provoking collection of items and gifts that invigorate the human spirit. They explore the world of energy (chakra & feng shui) with wisdom (Buddha). Their unique mission is to provide authentic, high-quality Dharma items that support your spiritual practice and to provide spiritual jewelry that empowers your life. 

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