Coach and goop

Boy, have I had a blast today. There’s nothing more fun than diving into a brand name you love and researching the hell out of it and finding out every little detail. For example, did you know Coach was founded for the girls and women of New York City? Or that goop was started by Gwyneth Paltrow from her kitchen? Yeah, you probably knew that one; they ran commercials day and night.

Coach carries all the accessories you will ever need and quite a few that you never knew you needed… and even more that deserve occasions just to show them off.

Have you ever met someone with a Coach purse? There’s a sense of pride in owning one, whether you’ve had yours for decades or it was a Christmas gift. Your eyes are automatically drawn to the most beautiful purse or bag in the room. That’s because every item they make is hand-stitched with incredible detail, built to last. Get a Coach purse today!

goop. Thank you, Gwyneth! This awesome lifestyle brand began in 2008 and has only grown exponentially since. They have their own skincare, makeup and clothing line. They also covet food, all food. Their comprehensive list of recipes includes regular meals as well as keto-friendly, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian, snacks, kid-friendly meals, and, of course, recipes for cocktails and smoothies. goop is an excellent travel guide. They carry all the tips and tricks you need for your weekend or summer vacation. Finally, goop knows that our wellness can be incredibly personal and they’ve dedicated scads of research and resources to spirituality, relationships, sexual health and mindfulness.


For the very best in equeleisure, I give you EQL by Kerrits. They offer stunning pieces and fits for the unbridled woman who wants to combine her passion for fashion with her passion for horses. From leggings to denim to blouses to some of the cutest cottagecore dresses I’ve ever seen, their selection incorporates decades of design and fit experience with rich colors and fun prints to create apparel women feel great wearing. Inspired by women juggling work and kids to make time for their horses, by girls saving up allowance money for riding lessons and by the pros who take our dreams with them as they gallop through international competitions. By real women who ride.

Ah, NARS… What can I even say? Who has the most velvety textures, the largest selection of color, the purest shades? Since 1994, makeup artist/image-maker François Nars has been bringing us the makeup that makeup artists love. He and his brand have given us the freedom to say ”no rules in makeup” and inspired our self-expression and imaginative artistry. Today’s beauty knows that the only makeup that matters is what you put on your face, so why not apply it any way you want? Forget society’s expectations!

BOLO for another post later today. These brands are from yesterday and I fell asleep before I finished. Meep.

xo Nadine