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For the woman with big dreams who can’t sleep. 

Melatonin is paired with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and hints of orange and ginger. Available in tincture and gummies.

✔️ CBD helps me stay calm
✔️ CBD helps me to stay focused
✔️ CBD helps me to be in the present
✔️ CBD helps me to fall and stay asleep

For best results and ZZZs:
Take SLEEP CBD tincture or gummies as part of your nightly routine. The melatonin with CBD signals to your body it’s time to calm down and rest.

Pair it with a relaxing bath and your favorite self-care routine. The melatonin blend helps regulate your circadian rhythm (aka makes you drowsy at night), so don’t take SLEEP when you’ll need to be awake and alert (don’t drive or operate machinery after you’ve taken SLEEP).

Avoid things like bright screens, caffeine, alcohol, and stressors in the evening for best results.

Note: Founder Amanda Goetz takes this every night and can still help ease sick toddlers or scary nightmares in the middle of the night. Sleeping soundly shouldn’t mean you can’t wake up when needed. 

Dosing Tincture: 1 ml 
1 gummy
Shake well before using. Take one dose in the evening during your wind-down routine as needed. The orange ginger flavoring pairs well with your nightly tea. Allow a few weeks of consistent use to see results.

*Do not take more than 1 serving per day 

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