Saturday goodies

Hey, kids! 👋🏼 I hope you all are having a wonderful day. Okay, pleasantries over. On to the good stuff!

First up is Prose. They are a hair care brand who specializes in shampoos, conditioners and hair masks made specifically for you. Seriously. You take their quiz, where they ask a couple dozen direct questions about your hair characteristics and, ultimately, what your hair goals are. Then you wait while they make it and send it back to you. Everyone’s is different — since we are all different — and made for their particular head of hair. They even come with your name on the bottle! Prose is literally made for everyone.

Hello Molly is currently blowing up in Australia and, since most beauty trends come from overseas, I highly recommend trying them out. Their fashions and fits are to-die-for gorgeous and have been worn by trendsetters and celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Ciara, Emily Ratajkowski and Lily Collins. Hello Molly wants to be your feminine fashion fix for your next big occasion with dramatic maxis, sultry bodycons and pretty rompers that are sure to turn heads. Further, Hello Molly believes looking like a movie star doesn’t have to cost movie star wages, so their products are guaranteed to not break your bank!

And, finally, I give you Beautopia, which is what they claim to be: a combo of beauty and Utopia. Their entire purpose is to give women a superior quality range of options in the areas of anti-aging, cleansing, and body care. Formulated with 20+ years of dermatologist experience, Beautopia products are each designed with a high level of pharmaceutical grade actives and anti-inflammatories like stem cells, green tea, peptides, and retinol. No fuss, no confusion – just beautiful, visible results.  It’s what you would expect from a brand with the name “Beautopia!”

Happy shopping ❤️