Let the Good Times Roll

Yesterday, I finally got around to Forever 21. Not because I was dragging my feet! I’ve been waiting a long time to be approved to rep for these cats. My daughter turned me on to the store and, while I personally should not wear their fits at double their demographic age, I have little ones growing up who I someday might have to steer away from sheer, too-revealing clothing, and these guys are awesome… and they won’t break my bank. Forever 21 has long been offering the funnest, trendiest clothes at the lowest prices.

So, I’m a super big fan of all-natural, botanical, herbal recipes for my beauty products, but I’m also a firm believer in science and modern medicine. That’s why Glowyskin.Care stood out to me. Not only do they offer some pretty amazing skincare products, but their selling point — the Glowyskin.Care IPL Hair Removal Handset — offers you a painless alternative to waxing. It’s handheld and offers way more convenience than waxing or shaving. With this device, laser hair removal at home is not only possible, but easy as well.

In my search to mix things up a bit and offer something unusual and unique, I found Hat Attack. You guessed it… they sell hats. Sure, they carry ballcaps, but thy also specialize in panamas, beanies, head bands, scarves, mittens, berets (didn’t see any in raspberry 😣), sun hats and bucket hats. Just hats galore, pretty much. And they cover all the seasons so you’ll have headgear no matter the time of year.

I’ll be adding a couple of brands today, but my girls have a Fun Run I gotta cheer for so I’ll have to work around that. Have a wonderful day, y’all.

Happy shopping ❤️