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The answer is blowing in the wind

Late post, I know, guys. For some reason, I needed to crash for 3 hours. Oh yeah… my afternoon at my kids’ Fun Run yesterday afternoon… The sun leeched any energy I might have had and left behind a nice burn for me to enjoy in the next few days. I’m feeling very meh 😶 and yes, I’m a delicate flower.

Rose Box NYC has somehow managed to perfect their method of flower freshness and they are now able to offer us various assortments of fresh roses that can last up to three years. Science, right? Who knew? They carry mini bouquets and larger, more eye-catching displays as well as huge, ostentatious ones with your initials for the true rose lover. Their bouquets can come in all different colors… even the ones not seen in nature but are gorgeous anyways. Once ordered, you’ll receive your Rose Box NYC bouquet with the instructions and necessary requirements for you to make your roses last between one and three years. Unfortunately, they are no cat-proof, as I had the misfortune to discover not too long ago.

Urban Decay has long been a favorite of mine. In the 90s, when everyone was offering the same, boring colors in blushes and eyeshadows (do you have any idea how frustrating that is if you’re Asian?), Urban Decay has defied the conventional and flaunted their flair for individuality and independence. Yellow eyeshadow? Why not purple lipstick and really stand out? Your only limitations are your imaginations. Don’t be put in a box, for the rest of your life, like everyone else, wearing the same things, doing your hair and makeup the same way. Be whatever you want to be. PRETTY DIFFERENT.

So, when I saw the fashions and styles at PrettyLittleThing, I thought, Hmm, Anthropologie meets Carnivale and you tell me if I’m wrong. Their designs are well-made and the trendiest on the fashion scene for the younger crowd. They place emphasis on body positivity and acceptance. Their company stands by inclusivity, equality and the environment. Their fun, colorful fits are feats of eye-popping, beautiful goodness. I would have shopped here when I was in my 20s and 30s. Their vibe isn’t as laid back as Free People, but 20-year-olds aren’t either. They’re loud, bright, young bits of our future we should be encouraging to grow and embrace themselves.

Happy shopping ❤️