Whaaaat? 😧 AVON?!

Hey, loves. Just a quickie to let you know that I am now an AVON representative and you can shop from my AVON | Nadine’s Niche via https://www.avon.com/repstore/nadinewall. There you can find all of the brands and products you’ve grown to love over the past 50 years. Just click the link and shop like normal. I get a small commission — at no cost to you, of course! — and you get tried and true products that have been making people happy for over half a century.

The main AVON portal is located on my homepage for you to use any time.

Happy shopping 🛍

💐 Happy Mother’s Day Codes 🤰🏻

15% Off Select Items

15% Off Sitewide

20% Off Sitewide
Orders > $90

Happy shopping 🛍