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🍯 🐝 World Bee Day Sale

WORLD BEE DAY SALE: Save 60% on the MISSHA Bee Pollen Collection from 5/20-5/22.

Known for years as a nutritional superfood that boosts energy and eliminates allergies, bee pollen has now emerged as a nutrient dense ‘skinfood’ that reduces wrinkles, increases firmness and heals stubborn skin conditions.

WORLD BEE DAY SALE: Save 60% on the MISSHA Bee Pollen Collection from 5/20-5/22.

Oh, what? You didn’t know this is a thing? A huge thing! Bee pollen has strong anti-aging properties due to its high levels of nucleic acids. It stimulates growth of new skin tissues and prevents premature aging by keeping the skin hydrated. It is an excellent moisturizer for dry, mature skin helping to fade wrinkles and fine lines.

WORLD BEE DAY SALE: Save 60% on the MISSHA Bee Pollen Collection from 5/20-5/22.

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Mozzafiato Brand Drop!

Recently, Mozzafiato joined forces with three brands in their goal to provide the most extensive collection of authentic Italian beauty. The new additions at are diverse, innovative, and represent today’s Italian beauty and grooming industry. Many of Italy’s homegrown brands are just now finding a new fan base in the US by joining the ranks of Mozzafiato, a retailer intent on positioning Italian brands the center of the U.S. market. Antica Barbieria Colla, Prato Botanico, and Olivella are three new additions to this ambitious effort, taking their place among such Italian icons as Borghese, Proraso, and Carthusia.

Antica Barbieria Colla is the most famous barber shop in Milan. It’s known for prestige, traditions and being widely recommended by its Italian and international clientele. Founded by Dino Colla in 1904, the barbershop is Italy’s top destination for those seeking hair, beard, and moustache treatments.

Almond Oil Shaving Cream

Apricot Hull Aftershave

Jojoba Oil Beard Conditioner
Just some of what can be found at Antica Barbiera Colla on Mozzafiato.

Prato Botanico is a luxury, certified-organic skincare brand founded in 2020. The company is family-owned, and each product is carefully crafted in the Puglia Region of Italy. This spa-quality skincare line includes high-efficacy botanicals, which are harvested by local farmers and extracted with expert precision to preserve the purity and quality of each active ingredient.

Renewing Eye Serum, Organic

Purifying Face Mask, Organic

Smoothing Day Cream, Organic
More organic options for you from Prato Botanico at Mozzafiato.

Olivella is the pioneer of combining olive oil with extraordinary skincare, and their purpose is to continuously explore the benefits linked to olive oil and its precious compounds – this is why they proudly call themselves “The Mediterranean Diet for Your Skin”. Each and every product developed within the brand is thoughtfully researched with this unique vision: “To create a sustainable line, that incorporates innovation & tradition, to give your skin a new brand with an ancient soul, that is purely olive oil based.”

Contour Eye Cream

Counter Clock Hyaluronic Face Serum

Fragrance Free Face & Body Bar Soap
Let Olivella from Mozzafiato help you put your best face forward.

As these three brands join forces with the 20 other brands in the Mozzafiato collection, the retailer is working to sign and import several more Italian brands and will be scouting for others in Italyover the summer.  

Happy shopping 🛍

My Friday is futzed

So, the Widget Options widget for WordPress was updated late last night and this morning, the Niche experienced the White Screen Of Death. It wasn’t a good feeling. One might even say panic set in. Briefly.

Google answers all, so some quick research advised me to disable all of my plugins and reinstall them one by one until I found the culprit. (See, I was able to get that all into a relatively short sentence, but the reality was, I was in near hysteria for 2 hours this morning because I couldn’t access my damn website.) Not only that, but it seemed as though a lot of work I’d done had been deleted. Angerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 🤬

Once that was finished, I’ve been able to get things back to semi-normal but I really need that widget updated with a fix. My site looks wonky.

This is the error message I get when I try to activate the Widget Options widget: