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Your skin tells you what it needs. If it’s showing any of these signs, listen. 

[Buddha Stones] 🐘 Spiritual Symbolism of Lord Ganesha


8/31 Money! It’s A Gas 🎵

8/30 More Codes for Labor Day Sales

[KeraFactor] Labor Day Is Just Around the Corner!

[goop] the tuesday newsletter

Take a look at the new LYMA laser’s before-and-after photos—wrinkles plumped to youthful suppleness, crepey knees beautifully smoothed—and you might think they’ve been tampered with. They have not; the FDA-approved laser dramatically firms and smooths both face and body.

No white after Labor Day? Don’t mix navy and black? You can’t wear socks with sandals? We break down the so-called style rules it’s time to let go of.

8/30 In No Particular Order, I Give You Today’s Codes & Promos

Hey, y’all! Not much activity today, I’m afraid. I received my new iMac yesterday and I’m still setting it up. Can I tell you how happy I am real quick? First of all, I haven’t had a new computer in years. I’ve been surfing the net and conducting business on my iPhone and iPad. Only now am I realizing how much more complicated that was. I thought I was such a badass with my Apple pen and keyboard purchased from Amazon.

Anyways, here’s what I have for you before I have to concentrate on setting up this new computer… and vacuuming. My house is embarrassing right now.