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Introducing our new Round Towels, featuring
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Intentionally oversized
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[Lotus Tribe] Fats… The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Do you love rich and creamy foods? How about desert? Comfort foods?

All of these foods are typically high in fat, and this is what we are looking at in our next installment of our blogs on nutrition and healthy eating.

Check out the excerpt below and click the button to continue reading for more insight.

Fats, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Why do we love eating fatty foods so much? Fats are the things that make food rich and creamy, giving them their smooth texture. We know that fats can lead to clogged arteries and many other health problems, but are all fats unhealthy?

Does eating fat make us fat? The short answer to both of these questions is no, they do not. The low-fat and fat-free craze was really a marketing campaign and had nothing to do with healthy eating. In fact, anything marketed as low-fat or fat-free is usually higher in sugar and preservatives. These processed foods are in no way healthier or a better alternative. Naturally occurring low fat foods, that are not processed, can however be beneficial. It really comes down to natural versus man made and animal versus plant based fats. Finding the “good fats” and including them in your diet is the healthiest way to eat. You just need to pick your fats wisely.

In this installment of our blogs on nutrition, we will be taking a look at fats- what they are, why they are important, how much we need, fats and health, great sources of fats and more.

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