[SPARITUAL] Reclaim Your Peace

Rituals help ground us and give us a sense of peace in our day. For better sleep, calmer evenings, and a more tranquil transition from day to night, SPARITUAL has put together a simple calming evening ritual:

Remove the build-up of the day, both physical and mental. During your shower, use Slow Beauty Body Polish to remove dead skin and provide gentle exfoliation. Stimulate the lymphatic system and remove toxins from the body by exfoliating from the extremities towards your heart.
Moisturize & Massage:
Combine hydration and relaxation by massaging Earl Grey Slow Beauty Body Salve into your freshly exfoliated skin. After you shower, while you’re still slightly damp, work soothing circles into your skin. No need to be a trained massage therapist, simply focus on the motion that feels comforting. Breathe deeply to allow the scent story of earl grey to work its calming magic as you massage from your extremities, moving towards your heart.

A simple evening practice that can be easily paired with your usual nighttime routine makes all the difference when it comes to showing yourself compassion. As you continue to perform sustainable acts of well-being, you’ll find yourself becoming not only healthier but more joyful, as is the goal of the Slow Beauty movement.

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