8/24 Helpful Info & Updates for My Sweet Babboos

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My loves…

I haven’t left. I haven’t quit. I haven’t lost my passion for fashion. (Was that the Bratz tagline?)

I slept all day yesterday 🛌 and today I’m feeling nauseous 🤒, so I’m not about to be researching brands and combing thru the interwebs for coupon codes and promos. I’m sorry. There’s still the Coupon Center on the Welcome! page where you can look down the list of brands, click on the one you want, and you’ll be taken to Yazing, a website that does nothing but post coupons all day.

I have brands to add, like Christophe Robin, STATE and Smash + Tess, and I’ve been toying with the idea of researching brands from Ariana Grande, Taraji P. Henson, and Kylie Jenner. When celebs get into the beauty industry, I’m usually a bit wary at first, you know? You don’t see me performing brain surgery; I stick to what I know. Then again, I don’t know these people personally, so maybe they have backgrounds in fashion and cosmetology. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Besides, it isn’t as if they’re personally making eyeshadow palettes and ruching your garments by hand; they hire specialists for that.

Also, I’ve been taking this time to do some minor tweaks to the homepage — did you notice the “Happening Now” section?! 🤗 I have fallen in love with the wonderful world of WordPress widgets. It’s more fun than posting actual content. Surely, there’s a job for that! You all got that impressive alliteration, right? 😉 I updated the AMP theme so, hopefully, it’s more legible on your mobile devices. If not, view the desktop version… that’s the one I’m proud of. ❤️

As always, Nadine’s Niche will list current and upcoming flash events and sample sales. I collect data from at least 7 different sample sale and auction sites dedicated to these sales and I organize it on the events page for you, my sweet babboos. AND I encourage all y’all to peruse the AVON catalogue. Cheap, easy, fast and high quality. If those aren’t important factors when purchasing, I’m in the totally wrong field. 🫤

Last thing, in the last week, I’ve purchased small items from several different brands… Urban Decay, Project: Yourself, Buddha Stones, Christophe Robin, Tatcha and NatureLab.TOKYO, to name a few. As they arrive, I’ll be reviewing each. Haven’t purchased any clothes yet; my focus has been on hair, skin and wellness, atm.

Now, I think I’m hungry but I’m scared to eat so I’ma go deal with this. Have a wonderful day, y’all!

Happy shopping 🛍

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