[Buddha Stones Review] Energy Growth Black Obsidian Mala Bracelet

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I received my first product from Buddha Stones today: an Energy Growth Black Obsidian Mala Bracelet. I’m in love… that’s all there is to it.

  • A gift that makes people emotionally calm and lucky: This Bracelet is handmade with Obsidian and Tiger eye.

    One of the best crystal bodyguards in existence, Black Obsidian is a fantastic stone to use to facilitate the release of anger and resentment. It stops negativity breeding from within, cutting off its life source and encouraging any toxic energy to leave at once.

    It finds excellent ways to transmute negative energy into something beneficial for you, be it confidence, self-worth, or inspiration. A powerful stone for self-discovery, it reveals deep inner truths. In fact, it’s one of the most eye-opening stones you can get your hands on because it doesn’t hold back.
Black Obsidian Mala Bracelet
  • Tiger eye is said to help with staying centered and calmly practical despite the ups and downs of life. It is considered to help balance polarities and accept contradictions. It is a helpful stone for protracted difficult situations. It keeps you in the best state of mind to deal with problems as they come without getting overwhelmed, hopeless.
  • As a core to widely used in religious culture: Buddha Stones offer an extraordinary opportunity to go directly and deeply into the heart of the rich and ancient practices of Tibetan Buddhism. Protection, healing, and faith are what symbols of buddhastones are all about, they are capable of attracting positive forces and dispelling negative energies, also bringing good fortune all over you and your loved ones. 
  • Feel its positive effects anytime, anywhere: Wear it in your daily life or hold it in your hand while meditating and praying, you can also use it as an energy ornament to place in any corner of the home and working space. Helps ease the mental state, dispel stress and anxiety, especially focus more and achieve enlightenment.

As you can see, they took great care in the packaging. Within the cute pouch with their logo on it, were the beads in a little plastic bag (for protection during shipping, one would assume).

Thoughtfully included are directions and tips for keeping your beads shiny, beautiful, and last a lifetime.

The obsidian stones are beautiful, all polished and smooth and shiny. I’m so ready for them to black hole the negativity in my life!

The tiger eye stones appear to glow with their own light. Also smooth and polished, these little guys seem almost as if they’re “deeper” than they are. You know what I mean? You look into the stone and you feel like you could fall in and be swallowed? Hmmm… maybe with that state of mind I really need the tiger eyes to calm the hell down, huh? Sheesh.

If you need help finding your center or just stopping negativity in its tracks, I would recommend these beads. You can get them as a necklace, or a shorter one to wrap around your wrist as a bracelet. Ordering from the site is simple and delivery took less than a week. The hardest part was deciding on just one set of beads when I know damn well I need every bead they make and them some. 🤭

Chat soon! 👋🏼

Happy shopping 🛍

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