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Fall is here with its warm sweaters and falling leaves.  Luckily, Venus already entered Libra and armed us with blessings for personal and intimate relationships, communication and love. Even self-love is served well right now. This is the season for letting go of the things that do not serve us anymore, so we can reach for the things that nourish and inspire us! Like the trees let go of their leaves and prepare their roots for the winter. It’s about releasing what no longer serves you, it’s about unburdening yourself. 

Kit includes:

Meditation Bath Bomb
Black Obsidian Heart
Tigers Eye
Lemurian Crystal
Two Palo Sano Incense sticks 
Palo Santo
Yerba Santa
Bay Leaf

Cleaning house, focusing inwards, finding yourself in deep meditation. Seasonally, it’s about welcoming the darker times though without your soul darkening as well. Here, Venus in Libra will help you use the last of light days better.

The Bay Leaf will help you ward against illness, infections & it will strengthen your immunity for the colder weather.

With your meditation bath-bomb you can be submerged in hot soothing water while contemplating your life.

The Tiger’s Eye represents change, like the season, while simultaneously Tiger’s Eye protects you from harm and gives you courage to face it.

You can cleanse your spirit with the clear crystals and free yourself of what’s weighing you down, the excess.

The black obsidian heart will protect you from the grief of letting go and shield you from negative energy. It will also help you move forward in the fall.

While you are in your rejuvenating bath, you can burn your Palo Santo stick to clear all the negative energy you are letting go of and the Palo Santo will help restore calm emotions.

Make sure to smoke cleanse the bathroom before your bath to prep the room by removing the negative energy and generate wisdom and clarity for better healing.

This lovely fall ritual will put you on the right path for winter.


If you are having a hard time right now or going through something, reach for your smudge stick and start cleansing the energy around you. The beautiful floral white sage smudge sticks, hand wrapped with rose petals, will bring out the beauty around you. As you rid the the space around you of the negative, focus on bringing forth positivity and gratuity for who you are and what is around you. In these small moments, you will find yourself becoming more in tune and more clear.

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