10/28 Savings Before Your Weekend…

10/28 ICYMI Flash Events & Sample Sales

Now, I don’t wanna hear anything about you not being able to find good stuff on the cheap. Sales galore this weekend, okay?

Searching for the perfect bag? There are six sales going on right now, including a beauty of a flash sale featuring vintage Louis Vuitton & Gucci.

Don’t forget about AVON! There’s always a campaign running with better deals than you can find online… especially since I’m your authorized rep and can make coupons just for you 😉 The current AVON Campaign 24 introduces items for the upcoming holiday season so… Christmas goodies!!! 🤗 The world needs more Christmas decorations, don’t you think?

If you’re in the market for new undies, you might want to check out the c’est beau1872 and Joan Oloff online sample sales.

Have fun without breaking the bank!

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10/28 Codes + Promos from the Niche

[The Ayurveda Experience] Halloween Sale 👻