[Haus Labs] Color Fuse Blush

Haus Labs is a collective of the Haus of Gaga, a collective of creatives, scientists, and innovators, who give you beauty tools for clean artistry. They believe that art has the power to shape the future. They go beyond looks, giving you the tools for endless creativity and self-expression.

At Haus Labs science is combined with nature to create clean, high-performing products of the future. They’re committed to experimentation and innovation, always.

From their hundreds of beauty products… presenting a clean, talc-free blush with fermented arnica that helps reduce redness and hydrating hydraberry that melts onto skin for a second-skin finish. Haus Labs Color Fuse Blush is a mega soft, mega pigmented and mega-sized, this silky smooth formula melts seamlessly to deliver a natural-looking rush of color with a second-skin finish. Infused with skincare ingredients like fermented arnica, hydraberry, shea butter and Vitamin C, this blush delivers more than just beautiful color.

5 beautiful, versatile shades