[Decorté] New Arrival: ROUGE DECORTÉ LIQUID

Introducing ROUGE DECORTÉ LIQUID, a lightweight,
long-lasting lip color that melts in your lips to
provide a beautiful glossy or matte finish.

Dewy Rouge

A satin shine formula blended with skin soothing
ingredients that seal in hydration, leaving lips
soft, dewy and luscious. Available in 10 shades.

Foggy Rouge

A matte formula blended with moisturizing
ingredients that leave lips soft and luscious with
concentrated color. Available in 5 shades.

[Orcé] Your Travel Beauty Guide ✈️

THE Trend to Wear This Season

These styles are both timeless & on-trend: what’s better than that!?

50% Off Select Styles
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Selena Gomez Made Us Do It ❤️


#Bellababes, we’ve got ONE word for this mascara trend taking over the internet right now – ICONIC!  Not only did the doll eye mascara begin trending when one of our favorite celeb it girls, Selena Gomez, took to Tik Tok to dish on how to achieve a flawless lower lash line with seemingly minimal effort.  Like, did we need a reason to love her more?  

While this must-try summer makeup trend originated, like so many others, on Tik Tok, it’s quickly spread among makeup enthusiasts and beyond!  

How To Achieve the Doll Eye Mascara Look

Lash Luxe Mascara | $25

Truthfully one of the easiest celebrity makeup trends to recreate, the Doll Eye Mascara effect can be achieved with 2 items from your makeup bag – Lash Luxe Mascara and a pair of slant tweezers.  Start by combing your mascara wand through your top lashes to evenly coat and create a fluttery finish.  Then, use your mascara wand to coat the slanted end of the tweezers.  Using the mascara-coated tweezers, clamp a few lashes at time together along the lower lash line to create a doll-eyed effect.  It’s THAT easy!  

Monday AM Brand Drop!

There’s 10 of them, y’all. Grab a cup of coffee and get your pointer finger ready to spend!

Magnolia Petals is an online e-shop (aren’t they all these days?) who tailors their fashions to meet your needs. Their skirt selection alone is enough to make me drool. I’ve already found some — tops too! — and am planning their future locations in my closet. Their plus+curvy selection is pretty impressive as well, including tops, jeans, skirts, and swimsuits. Everything about Magnolia Petals revolves around their commitment to help you look your best and inspire confidence in you. What’s more… I couldn’t find anything in their catalogue over $35. Yay!

Next up is the Inner Wisdom Store. We live in a world where vital energy — aka the Universal life force — influences our experiences in life. The Inner Wisdom Store carries multiple selections of spiritual jewelry, healing crystals, chakra stones, fengshui cures, and other powerful charms that are rooted in ancient practices and are older and larger than all of us. From health to wealth, to career and business, to love and relationships, ancient wisdom teaches us to align with the energy that matches our intentions. When we do, we begin to improve certain aspects of our lives.

Straight to you from TikTok comes Briogeo. Their hair care and repair formulas literally only leaves behind your healthy squeaky clean-ness. Is that a word? Doesn’t matter; you get the idea. Their clinically-proven Scalp Revival collection harnesses the benefits of Binchotan charcoal, biotin, tea tree oil and witch hazel to calm irritation, itchiness, flakes and dry scalp. With Briogeo, you never have to choose between ’clean’ and ’powerful.’ They make their products carefully + mindfully so you know your hair is clean while you’re looking your best.

Seriously, if you want to stay on top of the trends — any trends — TikTok is the place to go. Right now, The Ordinary hair care collection from DECIEM is trending in a big way. The Ordinary is an evolving collection of treatments offering familiar, effective clinical technologies positioned to raise pricing and communication integrity in skincare. They were created to celebrate integrity in its most humble and true form. Its offering is pioneering, not in the familiar technologies it uses, but in its honesty and integrity. The Ordinary is born to disallow commodity to be disguised as ingenuity. The Ordinary is “Clinical formulations with integrity”. 

Current Air is an LA-based clothing boutique that caters to the trendy, fashion-minded woman who is always on point. With a modern look, subtle details and effortless silhouettes, their versatile designs emphasize the ease of transitioning from casual to chic – while always maintaining comfort. Their fits are more conservative and traditionally feminine, but timeless pieces nonetheless that make getting dressed in the mornings fun again. From New York to London, and to trendsetters worldwide, their style embodies the essence of what it takes to be Current Air.


I’ll tell ya: lingerie is fast becoming my favorite category. Who knew our intimates could be so darn pretty?? Lavinia Lingerie has opened my eyes to how beautiful my lady parts look in sheer material. I’m not kidding. I see their designs and models and I WANT TO BE THEM, walking around all day feeling like a secret sex goddess or dominatrix. I can honestly see how knowing you look fire underneath your clothes can give you a special kind of confidence while going about your day. That’s the feeling Lavinia Lingerie wants every woman to feel, whether she’s dressing up for herself… or someone else.

Mario’s purposeful products and smart formulas are crafted with intent using the highest-quality formulas and are  incredibly easy to use. These go-to essentials are designed to recreate Mario’s signature techniques with effortless application. His line was received with acclaim by press and consumers alike, winning an Allure Best of Beauty Award, and becoming a top-ranking brand at Sephora. Upon the launch of his best-selling Soft Sculpt® Collection, Vogue named “soft sculpting the new contouring.” MAKEUP BY MARIO is available worldwide in over 2,000 points of distribution. 

Okay, so, think Lululemon meets Free People: super cool athleisure with pizzazz. That’s how I think of Spiritual Gangster. Sure, they carry the essentials — sweats and one-pieces and activewear (with pizzazz, I tell you!) — but they also offer a spicy/snuggly sleepwear selection with flouncy booty shorts and fuzzy wraparound sweaters. As if you needed another reason to want to go to bed and stay there, right? And as cute and “cheeky” as you’ll be, who could be mad at you for it?

This one is near and dear to my heart. My mom used to get the Yes magazines twice a year from her mom in Japan while I was growing up. I remember it was always filled with women wearing sleek fashions and my mom read it backwards. Lol. Since 1997, YesStyle has branched out onto the internet to bring you the latest and trendiest Asian styles and accessories. It’s so easy these days to own the same fits that are currently trending in Europe and Asia, or to have the latest kawaii fashion accessory before anyone else. YesStyle brings the trends and lifestyles of Asian countries directly to your doorstep.

And, finally… Established in 2007, Club L London has fast become the go-to online destination for the confident, glamorous, fashion-savvy girl in search of that something extra special. Club L is the epitome of accessible aspiration: statement designs and iconic silhouettes are reimagined in contemporary fabrications and luxury embellishments for the modern, empowered woman who is as sassy and sophisticated as she is sexy. Translation? Everything they sell is cute af. Prom dresses, maxi and mini dresses, swimwear, and so much more. The woman who wear Club L is beautiful, sexy, daring, and has confidence for days.

Enjoy, my bunnies. I’m going to start posting new brands every few days instead of daily. I’m also going to start moving my focus to coupons and promo codes so you guys can start saving even more when you shop through Nadine’s Niche.

Happy shopping 🛍

The answer is blowing in the wind

Late post, I know, guys. For some reason, I needed to crash for 3 hours. Oh yeah… my afternoon at my kids’ Fun Run yesterday afternoon… The sun leeched any energy I might have had and left behind a nice burn for me to enjoy in the next few days. I’m feeling very meh 😶 and yes, I’m a delicate flower.

Rose Box NYC has somehow managed to perfect their method of flower freshness and they are now able to offer us various assortments of fresh roses that can last up to three years. Science, right? Who knew? They carry mini bouquets and larger, more eye-catching displays as well as huge, ostentatious ones with your initials for the true rose lover. Their bouquets can come in all different colors… even the ones not seen in nature but are gorgeous anyways. Once ordered, you’ll receive your Rose Box NYC bouquet with the instructions and necessary requirements for you to make your roses last between one and three years. Unfortunately, they are no cat-proof, as I had the misfortune to discover not too long ago.

Urban Decay has long been a favorite of mine. In the 90s, when everyone was offering the same, boring colors in blushes and eyeshadows (do you have any idea how frustrating that is if you’re Asian?), Urban Decay has defied the conventional and flaunted their flair for individuality and independence. Yellow eyeshadow? Why not purple lipstick and really stand out? Your only limitations are your imaginations. Don’t be put in a box, for the rest of your life, like everyone else, wearing the same things, doing your hair and makeup the same way. Be whatever you want to be. PRETTY DIFFERENT.

So, when I saw the fashions and styles at PrettyLittleThing, I thought, Hmm, Anthropologie meets Carnivale and you tell me if I’m wrong. Their designs are well-made and the trendiest on the fashion scene for the younger crowd. They place emphasis on body positivity and acceptance. Their company stands by inclusivity, equality and the environment. Their fun, colorful fits are feats of eye-popping, beautiful goodness. I would have shopped here when I was in my 20s and 30s. Their vibe isn’t as laid back as Free People, but 20-year-olds aren’t either. They’re loud, bright, young bits of our future we should be encouraging to grow and embrace themselves.

Happy shopping ❤️

Happy Hump Day. You want the beef?

I am lucky enough to be able to promote for Too Faced. What is Too Faced, you ask? First, have you been living under a rock? Second, they’re an all-inclusive cosmetic line created to celebrate beauty individuality and inject joy back into an industry that had become rigidly led by rules.

Their myriad of colors to choose from in addition to their groundbreaking products — i.e. their Better Than Sex Mascara, Born This Way Foundation and Eye Palette, and the Lip Injection Lip Plumper — have put Too Faced on the cosmetics map permanently.

When I tell you how fun it was getting to know this brand… boohoo drops over 500 new products a week, so you always have the latest looks for less. Their pieces and fits are so vibrant and beautiful.

They make fashion accessible and fun! boohoo is ready, willing, and able to help you show off your individuality, do your thing and look incredible at the same time.

Their philosophy’s pretty simple: they don’t take life, or fashion, too seriously. Like the bestie you can always count on, boohoo has all the outfits and inspo you could ever need. From date-night dresses to a pick-me-up when you’ve had a bad day, they’ll never let you down.

Boy, did I ever learn a lot with the House of Intuition. Not to be confused with another brand I represent, the House of Wise, the House of Intuition is an all-inclusive metaphysical oasis dedicated to enlightening, empowering and uplifting our community. Their mission from the start has been to help others feel hope when they feel hopeless; to feel powerful when they feel defeated; and to bring intention within when people are seeking outside of themselves.

In addition to their many metaphysical services, the House of Intuition boasts an extensive array of magical items such as hand-picked crystals, all-natural herbs packaged in-house, and dressed magic candles. With the House of Intuition, you have all the tools you need to heal your past and manifest your brightest future.

Happy shopping ❤️

Want some more goodies?

Since 2019, their family-owned and operated business has provided customers with the best hair masks and oils that stimulate natural hair growth. Your Beauty Plug LLC specializes in organic made-to-measure hair food formulas that promote thick, luxurious, healthy hair. In addition, their best-selling masks and oils are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and alcohol-free.

Do you need to hear more than the fact that they sell a brow pencil named ”the Brow Sensei”? KIMIKO is based off of traditional Japanese concepts of simplicity and heritage. They are a revolutionary line of skincare solutions built directly into cosmetics. Transcending traditional makeup, KIMIKO is a color collection designed to help to enhance skin while providing targeted treatments.

In saving the most interesting for last, I give you Ella Paradis. They provide access to high-quality intimate products. Sex toys in the mail, y’all! But classy. Discreet. After all, our physical and mental health both tie into our sexual health. Don’t you wanna be healthy? *wink*

Happy shopping ❤️

When you look good, you feel good

Have you ever tried VENUS? Granted, I wore them primarily in my Dirty 30s, but while I did, I felt like the sexiest, most powerful woman in the room. Every. Time. Their fits celebrate a woman’s natural paradoxes, her angles and curves… paying special attention to the curves. Don’t get me wrong; we’re not talking club clothes here. The designs are sophisticated enough for the office or a lunch date as well as nights out on the town. But whatever you do, VENUS will inspire you to flaunt your feminine power.

Because your eyebrows are so important, the Brow Trio is here to help you keep them healthy and maintained. They offer cosmetics and color advice, shaping tools, makeup wipes and adorable accessories that can be used for other beauty rituals as well. Their prices aren’t bad either. Whether you keep ’em high-and-tight like Brook Shields or you’re okay with looking like the lead in Harry and the Hendersons, brow health is still important. Love your brows today.

I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch,
I’d take her if I had one wish,
But she’s been gone since that summer..
Since that summer


Happy shopping ❤️
xo Nadine


For the very best in equeleisure, I give you EQL by Kerrits. They offer stunning pieces and fits for the unbridled woman who wants to combine her passion for fashion with her passion for horses. From leggings to denim to blouses to some of the cutest cottagecore dresses I’ve ever seen, their selection incorporates decades of design and fit experience with rich colors and fun prints to create apparel women feel great wearing. Inspired by women juggling work and kids to make time for their horses, by girls saving up allowance money for riding lessons and by the pros who take our dreams with them as they gallop through international competitions. By real women who ride.

Ah, NARS… What can I even say? Who has the most velvety textures, the largest selection of color, the purest shades? Since 1994, makeup artist/image-maker François Nars has been bringing us the makeup that makeup artists love. He and his brand have given us the freedom to say ”no rules in makeup” and inspired our self-expression and imaginative artistry. Today’s beauty knows that the only makeup that matters is what you put on your face, so why not apply it any way you want? Forget society’s expectations!

BOLO for another post later today. These brands are from yesterday and I fell asleep before I finished. Meep.

xo Nadine