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[Mama Wunderbar] 👁 Inner Peace & Grounding to the Goddess


Fall is here with its warm sweaters and falling leaves.  Luckily, Venus already entered Libra and armed us with blessings for personal and intimate relationships, communication and love. Even self-love is served well right now. This is the season for letting go of the things that do not serve us anymore, so we can reach for the things that nourish and inspire us! Like the trees let go of their leaves and prepare their roots for the winter. It’s about releasing what no longer serves you, it’s about unburdening yourself. 

Kit includes:

Meditation Bath Bomb
Black Obsidian Heart
Tigers Eye
Lemurian Crystal
Two Palo Sano Incense sticks 
Palo Santo
Yerba Santa
Bay Leaf

Cleaning house, focusing inwards, finding yourself in deep meditation. Seasonally, it’s about welcoming the darker times though without your soul darkening as well. Here, Venus in Libra will help you use the last of light days better.

The Bay Leaf will help you ward against illness, infections & it will strengthen your immunity for the colder weather.

With your meditation bath-bomb you can be submerged in hot soothing water while contemplating your life.

The Tiger’s Eye represents change, like the season, while simultaneously Tiger’s Eye protects you from harm and gives you courage to face it.

You can cleanse your spirit with the clear crystals and free yourself of what’s weighing you down, the excess.

The black obsidian heart will protect you from the grief of letting go and shield you from negative energy. It will also help you move forward in the fall.

While you are in your rejuvenating bath, you can burn your Palo Santo stick to clear all the negative energy you are letting go of and the Palo Santo will help restore calm emotions.

Make sure to smoke cleanse the bathroom before your bath to prep the room by removing the negative energy and generate wisdom and clarity for better healing.

This lovely fall ritual will put you on the right path for winter.


If you are having a hard time right now or going through something, reach for your smudge stick and start cleansing the energy around you. The beautiful floral white sage smudge sticks, hand wrapped with rose petals, will bring out the beauty around you. As you rid the the space around you of the negative, focus on bringing forth positivity and gratuity for who you are and what is around you. In these small moments, you will find yourself becoming more in tune and more clear.


***Limited Edition***


The spiritual meaning of the Hunter’s Moon is about activating our inner warrior as we set forth into the darker half of the year.

It’s a time to let go of relationships, beliefs, or habits that are holding you back from being a leader in your life and getting what you want.

With the hunter’s moon in Aries, the feeling of uncertainty can make you rush to solve problems faster than is natural. This is a mistake. Do not rush as if there was a deadline. Try to slow down so that you can decide what you want to do and proceed at your own comfortable pace

There is the healing magic in the hunter’s moon in Aries “- a lot of this magic comes from the asteroid Chiron, which joins forces with this Full Moon. Chiron, coupled with the Aries lunar energy, promises healing, not from trying to fix, control, or force, but from surrender. When we surrender, it gives rise to acceptance, to let go, to forgiveness, and opens us to the possibilities that those states can create.

Chiron is known as the wounded healer because he has learned to find power, wisdom, and the gifts that can come from his wounds.” According to Tanaaz.

“Tradition states that FULL MOONS are a time of reflection, of stillness and meditation. And, while plenty of Aries are pensive people, they hardly have a reputation for standing still. What kind of full moon ritual suits an Aries full moon, then? Full moons, we know, are full of emotions. A full moon summons the Earth’s tides toward extremes and, legend has it, summons the Earth’s people toward extreme behaviors.” Under the stars of Aries, our full moon is a passionate moon, a moon that knows what it wants and means to get it.”

With the hunter’s moon in Aries the feeling of uncertainty can make you rush to solve problems faster than is natural. This is a mistake. Do not rush as if there was a deadline. Try to slow down so that you can decide what you want to do and proceed at your own comfortable pace

While the energy of a full moon lasts for about three days before and after the lunation, the moon is technically only full for a moment—when the sun and the moon are directly opposite each other in the sky (and on the zodiac wheel!).

The Harvest Moon and the Hunter’s Moon are unique in that they are not directly related to this folklore, nor necessarily restricted to a single month. Instead, they are tied to an astronomical event: the autumnal equinox!

It is believed that this full Moon came to be called the full Hunter’s Moon because it signaled the time to go hunting in preparation for the cold winter ahead. 

The Full Moon represents a time when the Sun and the Moon are in harmony and the Sun reflects the brilliance of the Moon’s surface, creating her light for us to bask in. This phase represents intense thoughts and powerful breakthroughs. Full moons are thought to influence humans so powerfully there is a record of heightened emotions and even psychosis. This is the time to reflect. Allow yourself to analyze what’s working for you–or what’s not. Celebrate this realization– this is the universe connecting with you.

This kit is specially curated every month to represent each Full Moon to create powerful rituals—

October 9th: Hunter’s Moon

Note: You may have focused on success this past New Moon and that is wonderful! This Full Moon is telling you that you were being greedy. Instead, it insists that you need to release this burden from your heart as the universe is already conspiring to bless you. Allow yourself to give financial problems to the divine and let it go!

Create your energy cocktail with our limited moon kit. 


♥︎ Full Moon Ritual Cards
Start with writing from your heart. Your heart, your passion, and your emotions are very closely linked to each other. Then turn your card around and write specific “I releasee past mistakes” affirmations. Take your time and do not rush this process.

♥︎ Intention Candle
Light your affirmation candle while thinking or saying your release. As you watch the flame, have a conversation with yourself in which you invite the new beginnings of the full moon.

“When I follow my heart, I am abundant, successful and free.”

♥︎ Release Strips
Use them to write what you wish to release this full moon. Be specific with your intentions and thoughts and, as you finish, burn each one in the flame of your candle and allow that thought to evaporate into the universe. Use your abalone shell to burn strips safely.

♥︎ Floral Smudge Stick & Palo Santo Incense Sticks
Use your Stick to cleanse any areas of your home or self of unwanted feelings or energies. This smudge stick wrapped in luscious orange flowers represents the sweetness of the moment and the opportunities that come our way.

♥︎ Lepidolite is praised far and wide for its miraculous mood-stabilizing properties. It assists in releasing stagnant negative energies and behaviors that no longer serve you while encouraging the ushering in of change-inducing practices. Cleanse this stone with your Palo Santo Incense, hold it in your left hand and visualize what change you would like to create.

♥︎ Release Full Moon Oil
This is the last step of your ritual oil, which will help to set your intentions in the full moonlight and release anything that may be heavy on your mind or your heart. This oil is a powerful and mysterious blend and is infused with Rhodonite essence and Palo Santo Essential Oil.


If you are having a hard time right now or going through something, reach for your smudge stick, and start cleansing the energy around you. Our beautiful floral white sage smudge sticks, hand wrapped with rose petals, will bring out the beauty around you. As you rid the the space around you of the negative, focus on bringing forth positivity and gratuity for who you are and what is around you. In these small moments, you will find yourself becoming more in tune and more clear.  

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[Mama Wunderbar] All You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde and Libra Sun 😝


Happy birthday to all the loving, playful, and beautiful Libras in our tribe! You are a true extroverted unicorn 🦄  We wish you the most prosperous season of being unapologetically ✨  you✨
Welcome to the beautiful Libra season. Libra is all about balance and harmony, marking the halfway point in our astrological year. Libra is a sign that’s associated with discernment, justice, balance, and, of course, love,” Campos says.
As an air sign, Libra season will invite in more playful and social energy and encourage us to follow our curiosity.” Though be mindful always to prioritize alone time, a libra’s weakness is forgetting self-care.  Libras are learning that they must have peace and balance within their minds before they can hope to affect the wider world.


Of course at the start of Libra season please remember that, we’re still going through a Mercury retrograde. “The Libra sun and Mercury retrograde connect in late September, creating Cazimi, “the perfect time to pay attention to our thoughts, conversations, intuition, and signs from the universe,” resolutions are coming soon.
“It’s a period of harvesting the fruit of our labor after all our hard work during Virgo Season,” says astrologer Stephanie. “We’re recognizing how far we’ve come and strategizing how far we still have to go.” 
Mercury will go retrograde in this Libra season for the third time in 2022. During this stretch, which ends on Oct. 2, you may hear all sorts of things being blamed on the planet of communication’s retrograde period, from technology mishaps to misunderstandings with friends and loved ones.
You might find yourself on edge while Mercury is in retrograde. That’s because Mercury is said to govern the nervous system, and when it’s misbehaving, you could feel increased anxiety and edginess.
Until Oct. 2, 2022, six planets are retrograde simultaneously, including Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Now it’s important to note that not every retrograde brings massive chaos or has the negative connotation that Mercury does.
Libra is a mutable air sign with Venus as it is the ruling planet. Venus and Mercury have a friendly relationship. 
So, when Mercury is retrograde, try to remain flexible, patient, and understanding, allow yourself grace and contemplation before agreeing to anything and avoid permanent decisions. 
It’s also time to take stock and slowly contemplate what we’ve accomplished over the past month and note what is still working for us and what might no longer serve us. Just remember not to make rash decisions until retrograde has ended. 
Mercury retrograde is big on relationships, making you rethink things in your love life. Are you with someone who you feel is the absolute best fit for you, or are you just kind of riding things out because it’s easier than actually breaking up?
The Air Signs Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius are thriving the most right now, while the Cardinal Signs Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn are having a more intense time.
We’ll be feeling a bit more creative, according to Iva Naskova, astrologer. “Your words are your strongest suit, and do not be surprised if you feel an increased need for balance, as Libra is all about harmony and reaching a compromise,” she says. 
This attitude of broad-minded openness makes Libra tactful and diplomatic. Libra is skilled at negotiation and restoring social balance.
Because they’re all about trust. They don’t do petty gossip; instead, they pride themselves on being a person people can confide in. You won’t have to worry about a Libra cheating. Libras love with a passion.
Crucially, this is a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and romance. This makes Libra one of the most gifted signs in the zodiac at flirting, charming others and dressing to impress.
Libra’s great secret is that sometimes, the solution doesn’t need to be that deep. Making your life more aesthetically appealing isn’t a cure-all, but it can effectively lift your spirits.

Floral Sage Smudge Stick: Use your Sage Smudge Stick to cleanse any areas of your home or self of unwanted feelings or energies. This smudge stick wrapped in luscious flowers represents the beauty of the moment and the opportunities that come our way.

Palo Santo Stick: Means “Holy Wood.” It has been used to cleanse space and repel bad spirits. Burning this stick is great for relieving stress.

Hand-made Libra Intention Candle

Libra Bath Soak: Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Coconut Milk, Baking Soda, and a fresh blend of essential oils make this bath salt the perfect Libra blend.

Rose Quartz is the ascendant and stone for Libra. It’s the Stone of Unconditional Love that supports self-love, inner peace, and relationships. Libras often feel incomplete when not in a relationship. Many unspoken beliefs are that they need a romantic partner to feel happy.

By reinforcing your self-worth, rose quartz can inspire you to see the beauty in yourself. While relationships can be wonderful, self-love is the path to true happiness.

Amethyst is a calm, high-vibration stone for Libra. Meditation is important for Libras, as it brings clarity and spiritual insights. The Stone of Meditation encourages inner reflection, promoting emotional balance. It also helps you to feel secure in your surroundings, allowing your gentle and easy-going nature to flourish.

Green Aventurine can assist Libras in strengthening their willpower + keeping any negative emotions under control. Indecisiveness can be associated with the Libra sign, and this stone can help instil a stronger sense of purpose.

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Developed with dermatologists, SuperSolutions is a range of highly specialized and clinically proven skincare, formulated to provide solutions to your most challenging skin concerns. These clinically proven products, developed with the knowledge and expertise of dermatologists, are affordable, easy to access and enjoyable to use.


Visibly reduces the appearance of redness and soothes skin that feels irritated.

A fast-absorbing, non-pilling serum formulated with 10% Azelaic Acid to help reduce the appearance of redness, giving the skin a more even complexion. Instantly soothes and calms skin that feels irritated.

Created in partnership with dermatologists, this formula contains micro-fine green colour particles to help mask redness and Allantoin 0.3% which helps to soothe the skin. It can be easily layered with other products and leaves no white-cast or ‘crunchy’ layer when paired with other products.

Suitable for Rosacea-prone skin.

10% UREA

Delivers instant hydration to soothe and nourish dry skin.

A clinically proven, fast absorbing moisturiser formulated with 10% Urea that delivers instant hydration to very dry skin. It gently exfoliates rough skin, leaving skin soothed and delaying dryness for up to 48 hours.

Created in partnership with dermatologists, this formula has a lightweight texture which absorbs into the skin quickly, soothing and smoothing without the need for thick, heavy creams. Added 1% Collodial Oat helps to soothe red and irritated skin. Its lightweight texture will allow to layer with other skincare and to use with make-up.

Suitable for eczema or psoriasis-prone skin.


Helps to balance excess oil, improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of pore size.

A lightweight, non-sticky serum formulated with 20% Niacinamide to balance excess oil, improve skin texture and decrease the appearance of enlarged pores.

Created in partnership with dermatologists, this formula contains our highest % of Niacinamide, which helps reduce excess oil production throughout the day and effectively tighten the look of enlarged pores. Other key ingredients include; Zinc PCA which targets sebum build up and Squalane to protect the skin’s barrier.


Helps with stubborn marks scars or wrinkles which give the appearance of uneven texture and tone.

A unique serum containing our highest % of Retinol at 1% to reduce the appearance of marks, post-acne scar size, depth and discolouration and to help smooth out wrinkles.

Created in partnership with dermatologists, its fast absorbing formula, developed for minimal irritation, contains Apricot Kernel Oil & Squalane to help protect the skin against loss of moisture and improve the skin’s barrier.


Non-drying acne cleanser.

Formulated with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide to help people with regular or persistent acne that can show up in the form of irritated spots and whiteheads.

Created in partnership with Dermatologists, its unique formula contains Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid to helps combat the drying effects of Benzoyl Peroxide by drawing water into the skin and locking in moisture

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