[zeroUV Review] Specs

Sunglasses are fun because your body size doesn’t matter. Bloated? Uncontrollable weight loss? Big deal. I mean, yeah, it’s a big deal… go get yourself looked at… but sunglasses are the one apparel we can wear with confidence no matter how dumpy or yuck we think we look that day.

There really isn’t much else to say: they’re shades. They block UV waves and they look badass. I really had fun with their selection… as you can see, I’m a cat-eye kinda gal. Each set of shades comes individually-wrapped and with its own pouch for the after care.

I know I already mentioned their selection, but let’s mention their selection. Every shape, every style, every color you could think of. They have categories for different shaped lenses (flames, squares, butterfly), 90s retro eyewear, big old clout chasing sunglasses, and some always-cool Lennons ✌🏼 They even offer shades for kids! I bought my daughters Hello, Kitty sunglasses in their favorite colors 😊

Now let’s get into cost. They’re sunglasses so you won’t break the bank, but even then, they’re wallet friendly. Each pair is less than $20 and their shades on sale are just as cool (if not cooler, sometimes) as their regular collection! Shipping takes less than a week, with emails constantly letting you know of any changes in your order status. These guys are a pleasant experience for your sun-protecting needs; I’ve ordered from them three times now and I’m already perusing their site for another round of unique specs.

And — bonus — leave a review on their site showing your new specs and they’ll discount your next purchase!

[Project: Yourself Review] Wave of Calm Amazonite Bracelet

Since getting this in the mail, I wear it almost every day… and definitely when I leave the house! The sense of calm and everything-is-alrightness when wearing this beautiful bracelet has already done wonders for me. I don’t know if it’s really brought on by the Stone of Courage and Truth or if it’s psychosomatic, but I never want it to stop.

I’m telling you… after you put it on… after you’ve oohed and ahhed over the pretty blue sparkly… if you’re anything like me — thick skin, iron-cast stomach, shit luck — this is the jewelry for you. Wear it for just the day to give you that boost of calm, or wear it every day as you’re signature piece. You can’t go wrong.

And if curiosity gets the better of you, you can visit the Wave of Calm Amazonite Bracelet here. It’s selling at half price for $47.99 at Project: Yourself. For an additional nominal fee, they will amplify the power of your bracelet (and all other jewelry) with a monk’s authentic Reiki blessing.

Amazonite has been used since the time of the early Mesopotamian cultures, cut into tablets and amulets by Egyptians and adorned the shields of Amazonian tribes.

Amazonite is also called the Stone of Courage and Truth because of the properties it holds that allows self discovery of one’s own truths and integrity to those truths.

Amazonite is a breathtaking stone that carries the captivating shades of turquoise-green waters of the ancient Amazon. Its beautiful calming color soothes the soul and spirit. It possesses the powerful energy of the Amazon River and boldness of legendary warriors but at the same time stills internal unease and aggression providing harmony and balance.

The relaxing vibes of this stone makes you feel like floating in a river of tranquility and the refreshing flow clears away psychic debris and negativity. It also works very well in clearing electromagnetic smog that make clear and light positive energies more easily attracted to you.

Keep your aura and your chakras balanced and smooth flowing with a pop of color.

[Buddha Stones Review] Energy Growth Black Obsidian Mala Bracelet

I received my first product from Buddha Stones today: an Energy Growth Black Obsidian Mala Bracelet. I’m in love… that’s all there is to it.

  • A gift that makes people emotionally calm and lucky: This Bracelet is handmade with Obsidian and Tiger eye.

    One of the best crystal bodyguards in existence, Black Obsidian is a fantastic stone to use to facilitate the release of anger and resentment. It stops negativity breeding from within, cutting off its life source and encouraging any toxic energy to leave at once.

    It finds excellent ways to transmute negative energy into something beneficial for you, be it confidence, self-worth, or inspiration. A powerful stone for self-discovery, it reveals deep inner truths. In fact, it’s one of the most eye-opening stones you can get your hands on because it doesn’t hold back.
Black Obsidian Mala Bracelet
  • Tiger eye is said to help with staying centered and calmly practical despite the ups and downs of life. It is considered to help balance polarities and accept contradictions. It is a helpful stone for protracted difficult situations. It keeps you in the best state of mind to deal with problems as they come without getting overwhelmed, hopeless.
  • As a core to widely used in religious culture: Buddha Stones offer an extraordinary opportunity to go directly and deeply into the heart of the rich and ancient practices of Tibetan Buddhism. Protection, healing, and faith are what symbols of buddhastones are all about, they are capable of attracting positive forces and dispelling negative energies, also bringing good fortune all over you and your loved ones. 
  • Feel its positive effects anytime, anywhere: Wear it in your daily life or hold it in your hand while meditating and praying, you can also use it as an energy ornament to place in any corner of the home and working space. Helps ease the mental state, dispel stress and anxiety, especially focus more and achieve enlightenment.

As you can see, they took great care in the packaging. Within the cute pouch with their logo on it, were the beads in a little plastic bag (for protection during shipping, one would assume).

Thoughtfully included are directions and tips for keeping your beads shiny, beautiful, and last a lifetime.

The obsidian stones are beautiful, all polished and smooth and shiny. I’m so ready for them to black hole the negativity in my life!

The tiger eye stones appear to glow with their own light. Also smooth and polished, these little guys seem almost as if they’re “deeper” than they are. You know what I mean? You look into the stone and you feel like you could fall in and be swallowed? Hmmm… maybe with that state of mind I really need the tiger eyes to calm the hell down, huh? Sheesh.

If you need help finding your center or just stopping negativity in its tracks, I would recommend these beads. You can get them as a necklace, or a shorter one to wrap around your wrist as a bracelet. Ordering from the site is simple and delivery took less than a week. The hardest part was deciding on just one set of beads when I know damn well I need every bead they make and them some. 🤭

Chat soon! 👋🏼

Up, Up and Away

Good morning! Lol, it’s seven mins to noon 😝 So, obviously, no yoga journey beginning this weekend. In fact, this is the first time I’m at my computer in two days. I just needed a break. Plus, my annoying chirren keep bugging me to use it to play Rec Room. Stupid. 🙄

Movie review? Yes, please!

Read “The Discovery” spoilers

Crazy Coupons & Dr. Strange 2 Review 😁

I watched a flick last night, as I’m sure many of you did. It was the new Doctor Strange movie, which I’m sure many of you watched last night, being available on Disney+ and all. And if you haven’t… scroll, baby, scroll!

Info text”Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness” spoilers

Wednesdays Have Never Had It So Good

Oh, were you expecting my yoga journey to start this week? Nope. In true procrastinator fashion, I will begin at the beginning of next week… or maybe the first day of the following weekend 😆… but definitely beginning this journey this year. See how procrastination works? I might even shock myself with a bout of motivation and start tomorrow! Unlikely, but I could…

I watched a movie last night starring Miles Teller and the best Chris (Hemsworth) called Spiderhead. I thought it was quirky and fun. This movie is not to be taken seriously and you will need to lower your reality scale to ”believe anything,” but it’s interesting and choosing between Hemsworth’s looks and Teller’s character’s personality kept me watching for more. Hemsworth won, in case you’re wondering. For the record, I was waaaaaaaay more impressed with the movie he recently directed, Interceptor. Girl power! 🎀💪🏼

20% Off Sitewide

I’m gonna insert a little business talk here for a mo’.

As you are aware, the 4th of July is almost upon us and with that comes millions of 4oJ sales 🧨 Brands, like SKIMS, who don’t offer promotions ever start throwing out sales and promos like it’s the End Times. Aside from Christmas, the 4oJ sales events saves consumers the most money. Even surpassing every holiday’s mattress sales ::sarcasm:: 😬 Wtf is that about anyways? How is a mattress a Memorial Day item? Or Veteran’s Day? Or any of them?

15% Off Sitewide