Third Love

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It’s Not Your Boobs, It’s The Bra

Bless you, Third Love. ☺️ Who do I have to thank for a bra and underwear company founded by a woman making bras and undies for women? As if this logic wouldn’t have been true 70 years ago as well, but women were barely allowed in the workforce then, so they certainly wouldn’t have been asked! Just a bunch of dudes in a room trying to figure out how to cover a woman’s boobs so they aren’t distracted during their work day.

Because, apparently, work wasn’t enough. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s also the same roomful of dudes who thought metal underwire wouldn’t be painful. I mean, why not punish us because they can’t keep their eyes to themselves?

All right, all right, I’m done waxing feministic… on to the brand!!

Uncomfortable Is Unacceptable with Third Love

Third Love makes stuff that makes you feel good. Let’s trade bad bras, sub-par workout gear, and lackluster sleepwear for pieces that your body loves being in!

When it comes to the right fit and a confident feel, Third Love obsesses over each stitch so you never have to think about how something feels, looks, or wears. While trends come and go, they’ve always stayed true to one notion: they do comfort, you do you.

Whatcha think?

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