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Oh, my goodness, how shocked was I when I discovered that not only is YesStyle still in business, but they’re thriving in the US! My mother used to get the magazines from her mother in Japan every six months; it’s how I learned that the Japanese (I’m sure there are other ethnicities, I only have experience with Japan) read their books and magazines backwards. Well… backwards to Americans, anyways. I remember watching my mom read them and wondering if she was crazy.

Now, I know better. Since 1997, YesStyle has been an online retailer headquartered in Hong Kong which engages in the procurement and sale of third-party branded and unbranded Asian fashion & lifestyle, beauty and entertainment products to customers around the world.

YesStyle exists to provide value to their customers by bringing them closer to Asia with a variety of quality products and services. The following seven beliefs guide them each and every day as they’re strive to fulfill their purpose:

  1. Recognize the needs of customers and actively seek to surpass their expectations
  2. Treat people fairly and respectfully, and in a responsible and dignified manner
  3. Pursue quality in everything, achieving results while continuously seeking to improve
  4. Embrace multiple perspectives, working together to reach a common goal
  5. Provide development opportunities for team members and support each other’s growth
  6. Encourage new ideas, methods, and technology to better serve customers and achieve goals
  7. Proactively explore new products, services, and markets that will help YesStyle grow