Agent Provocateur

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Do you want to make your partner salivate with lust at the mere sight of you? I mean, they should already, but do you want to ramp it up and get your back blown out?

Welcome to the opulent world of luxury lingerie, designed by women and made for everyone!

Agent Provocateur is an iconic British brand that sells a range of luxurious lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear and accessories. An opulent range of inspirational creations, designed to intensify life’s pleasures and unlock every woman’s innermost desires. They believe that passion and intimacy should be indulged, and that exploring your fantasies profoundly enriches your life.

The original sexually empowered and punk heritage brand, Agent Provocateur holds fearless femininity at the forefront.

Founded in 1994 in Soho, where their first store on Broadwick Street marked a pivotal shift in British counterculture by subverting the male gaze to empower women. Agent Provocateur pushes boundaries by selling daring, colourful and irreverent luxury underwear that is ahead of its time.

Agent Provocateur boasts a global presence through luxurious, sensual lingerie designed in-house with exclusive fabrics, intricate embellishments and signature motifs. Their provocative outlook can be seen through digital storytelling and within our London, New York, LA and Paris boutiques. Eclectic, decadent and romantic, they strive to continue to break new ground with every collection