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If you haven’t at least heard their brand name, you’ve been living under a large rock. This was the brand we all wanted to be cool enough to wear in 1993. Too bad we didn’t know we were already cool enough.

For all of your beachy days, there’s Billabong

Billabong has combined function, fit, art and fashion to develop boardshorts and clothing for mountain and ocean lovers across the globe.

While still sticking to the core roots of the mountain and the wave, Billabong has become recognized as the premium youth lifestyle and culture clothing brand within the action sports market.

Billabong has an ever-changing array of materials, prints, and technologies. In addition to boardshorts, billabong designs and produces an entire line of lifestyle apparel and wetsuits.

Since 1969, their mission has been to inspire the youth and progress as the world around us evolves. I think they’ve succeeded, don’t you?