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… unlike any other shopping experience.

Are you ready for this? I think you are. Chicmi is amazing. They’re all about equality and inclusiveness. They began as a way to fix the environmental and humanitarian fashion crisis, meaning millions of dollars worth of fashion is being dumped into landfills every year and only 14% of the 90% of women graduating in fashion run major brands. Both of those were problems that required immediate solutions.

Be a hero! Save fashion!

Chicmi is here to give passionate fashion lovers the power to make real, positive change in the industry. The old rules and regime of fashion can go fly out a window. They’re women’s clothes, right? Shouldn’t they be made by companies run by women?

What is a sample sale?

A sample sale is a limited time sale event where brands offer heavy discounts on their fashion items, more so than they would in seasonal sales.

The sales are a mixture of catwalk samples, showroom displays, returns and overstock.

At CHICMI, we ensure our sample sales have fashion items of at least 60% off retail prices – a perfect opportunity for fashion lovers to treasure hunt and find great bargains!