Dolls Kill

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I remember always having this desire to go against the grain. And that feeling has never left me. I don’t thinkit ever leaves those who are blessed with it. Here we call it the ”IDGAF” attitude. Some have it more than others, but it doesn’t matter, because it’s inside all of us. Unleash it.

Shoddy Lynn, Co-founder, Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill was built by the counterculture for the counterculture. Their team hail from every corner of the underground and they are not afraid of the dark. They — and you — were made for it.

& Boho

Be emboldened! Do not hide. Be the cream of the be-your-fucking-self crop and let Dolls Kill be your allies in authenticity.


The club kids.

The freaks.

The artists.

The internet goths.

The fuck ups.


You are a beautiful deviant who rejects society with glittering abandon. You are back of the class and front of the club. Disrupt order and break what’s boring!


There is nothing wrong with soul searching for clothing and accessories to match your deviant spirit. Either find what you want or make it yourself. Dolls Kill is a haven: of radical clothing, accessories, and community. This culture was created for you. It is your home. Consider it B L I S S. With Dolls Kill, you can wear you rebellion on your sleeve… and wear it well!