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FOREVER 21 is a fashion industry leader, making the latest trends accessible to all while inspiring unique style and confidence. With a renewed focus on the customer experience, the brand offers high style designs and fashion basics with compelling values and a dynamic store environment. While driving innovation across e-commerce and digital to expand access and convenience, the brand continues to strengthen its positioning as today’s preferred destination for the fashionable consumer. 

All right, all right… that’s the company spiel. If you haven’t heard of FOREVER 21, you don’t have teens and you don’t visit malls. What began in South Korea as a cheap way to keep kids trendy for less, exploded over in the US. The fashions and prices were exactly what teens and young adults were looking for.


Their clothes are super cute, I’ll give them that. How I wish boutiques like this existed in the 80s and 90s! Back then, Hot Topic was just starting out and the were super dark. Remember those days? My parents wouldn’t let me shop there. Instead, I got my clothes from the now-defunct Weiner’s. I will never post a picture of myself from that time period. You’re welcome. *shudder*


Anyhoo, FOREVER 21 has all the pieces you’ll ever need to complete — or at least, add to — your wardrobe. Our wardrobes are never really complete, are they? They’re a one-stop shop for all of your clothing and accessories needs. Shirts, shoes, shorts… check. Dresses, coats, socks… check. Activewear, graphic tees, jewelry… check. Everything, I tell you!