Hadley Pollet

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Hadley Pollet is a contemporary American designer from the New York City area known for creating classic, timeless designs that inspire kind, powerful women to shine strong. Her line includes handbags, belts, one-of-a-kind jewelry designs, athletic wear and apparel.

Her inspiration for not only her business, but also her business’s purpose came after 9/11. Hadley felt propelled to channel the chaos going on politically, economically, and socially into something positive and uplifting.

Sustainability for Hadley Pollet goes beyond ethical sourcing and green operations. It includes economic empowerment for women and female-owned businesses worldwide; propelling clarity, forging opportunities for women, and giving back.

Hadley’s designs create a love affair with her customers through an intimate dialogue of multi-sensory elements in every design. Every pattern and every contact with her customers fosters both an emotional anchor with her fans, as well as a spiraling up of attitudes and behaviors in society.

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