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Halara is an up-an-coming brand that specializes in comfy, cute, everyday clothes. Best known for their everyday dresses, they also offer skirts, leggings, joggers, and the most amazing plus+curve section I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing. If I had to rank athleisure, these guys would probably come out on top.


I mean it. In this day and age where working from home is becoming the norm, we don’t need as much business attire. I mean, don’t get me wrong: nothing compares to a businesswoman in a sleek Gucci sheath, but for the days when you’re working remotely, Halara cannot be beat for comfort… while knowing that you look good to boot!

In fact, their company name means “take it easy” in Greek. And it fits them. Founded on the principle of providing a stress-free user experience, they also prioritize high-quality products at reasonable prices. No matter your vibe, Halara has you covered.


Oh, did I mention the amazing technology that has allowed them to create entirely new fabrics? First up is their Cloudful Fabric, a revolutionary material which makes your athleisure as soft as clouds. Every piece made with this fabric is guaranteed to be slimming, stretchy enough so you can do all the things you need to do, and stable enough to keep you all together (you know what I mean).

Next, and my personal favorite, is their newest fabric called Patitoff. Why is it my fave? Y’all, it’s hair resistant! For the pet owners out there, or my people with thick hair, this is worth its weight in gold. I don’t know about anyone else, but I walk around shedding all day long. Not a normal amount, either. I lose enough to cover a small puppy every day. What’s more, I have cats and a dog and, while my clean routine does include a large amount of sweeping and vacuuming, there’s always a little bit of hair left.

With this stuff, you just pat it off. Yup! When Momo leaves half his coat on me after a good scratch sesh, I too resemble a furry animal. But if you’re staying home the majority of the week wearing your comfy-as-hell Halara, you can just pat it off! It’s truly a remarkable invention.

I should mention, it’s not just comfy clothes for lounging around your house. They do regular clothes too. You know… tops, sweaters, swimwear. Their selections are so cute I want to buy one of everything. Alas, my bank account being what it is, I will settle for their GORGEOUS Cloudful Halter Backless 2-in-1 dress in wine red. Can’t you just die?