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It’s time to ditch the bandaids and basic nipple covers and say “hello!” instead to Lollipetals — reusable nipple covers designed for confidence.

Lollipetals loves your boobs. Not in a weird way. More like, they’re concerned about your boobs. And you should be too. So Lollipetals were invented to be sexy yet functional. Get that subtle hint of va-va-voom while still remaining discreet. Designed to conceal what you want and reveal the rest,  because your nipples deserve better. 

Available in a range of skin tones and vibrant designs, Lollipetals are more than just cute pasties. They actually work. The organic shape subtly forms to the natural curve of your breasts. Plus, the super thin material means nobody will even know you’re wearing them. Until you want them to.

Lollipetals illustrated designs come in an array of bright, bold and nude palettes. Made from the highest-quality silicone, Lollipetals adhesive pasties are satiny smooth, superbly functional and above all, stunningly stylish.

Conceal what you want. Reveal the rest. Lollipetals super thin silicone creates a discreet and seamless look so no matter what you wear, underneath you’ll look completely bare. No bubbling effect. No ”chicken cutlet.” No creases. Just smooth and seamless.

Their easy-apply adhesive means you simply peel, place and go. No creasing. No readjusting. Plus, each pair is made for multiple wears. Just rinse, dry and apply – again and again!

Lollipetals are super cute all the time. Whether you wear them under that little black dress or out in the sunshine, our beautiful designs keep you feeling comfortable AND confident. Because everyone— not just folks with tiny boobs— should be able to go bra-free.