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Not sure where to start? Our Tribe loves our huge selection of vibrant colors.


You don’t have to sacrifice your ethics for clothes that make you look good and feel great on your skin. 

This awareness can be cultivated and become a part of your daily practices. Their commitment to protecting Mother Nature is first and foremost in their line of eco-friendly clothing. They offer an earth-friendly option, so that you have a choice in your purchasing.

For fashion, the first question is whether it’s made of natural fibers. Synthetic clothing is made from fossil fuels and the petrochemicals are toxic at every stage or production and manufacturing.

Everything at LotusTribeClothing is ethically created from cotton or rayon to be as soft on the earth as it is on your skin. 

Choosing renewable plant based clothing reduces the carbon footprint dramatically. 

Their clothes are made at a handpicked, family-run Indonesian business that supports their employees with good working conditions and living wages to support the community. Their partnership has brought growth and prosperity to a number of families. 

They’re committed to being as earth friendly as possible. Make the switch.

Join the Tribe and help us save the earth through mindful consumerism.