* I may earn money or products from the companies linked on this page. brings you brand new retail products from authorized dealers and distributors. Their suppliers are built from long-term personal relationships and have been part of the company since its inception. The breadth and depth of their supply chain allows them to have minimal pricing restrictions which they are proud to pass along to their customers… you.

Their mission is simple, to equip their customers with the highest quality product possible to help them shop like a pro. From their Minnesota headquarters, Proozy differentiates themselves by living up to their core values: Passion, Integrity and Excellence.

At Proozy, it’s not enough to just supply the best fitness and outdoor gear at phenomenal prices, but they love to inspire others with how their products affect their workout and ultimately, their lives. Proozy’s models athlete programs partners with passionate athletes and explorers. They live to push their boundaries to the next level of fitness, motivation, and exploration. And most importantly, to share both the process and their accomplishments with the Proozy community.

Proozy believes in the value of education. Why else would they offer this amazing student discount? Books can be expensive enough without having to worry about whether you’re dressed or not ———- just checking to see if you were reading… or scanning. Kidding, kidding. For those of you for whom PE is mandatory (I’m so sorry), you might as well accept your fate and look bomb while you’re sweating buckets.

Oh, but it’s not just their sporty fashion and amazing brand names…


Granite Gear Trailster Wheeled Backpack
Tomkas Dog Sling Carrier for Small Dog
Whoop! Snuck some Jimmy Choo specs in there! You’re welcome!
Louis Vuitton Noe GM

From actual luggage to cute little Louis Vitton’s, Proozy really does have it all. Those Choo shades are making me drool.

See the others here.

I mean it. Go look at the others. It’s Jimmy Choo! And Juicy Couture!