White House Black Market

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They built their brand on the foundation of fashion’s most iconic contrast—White + Black. That contradiction inspires everything they do and perfectly reflects their customer. She is strong yet subtle, modern yet timeless, hard-working yet easy-going.

White House Black Market empowers her to embrace her complexity with looks that are feminine yet strong, sensual yet sophisticated, attractive yet approachable.

Because no woman is any one thing.

In 1985, when they were just The White House, they offered unique, individual collections of fabulous clothing and accessories in shades of white and ivory.

As they grew, they made sure each new boutique would be just as special. Expanding on their original theme, they opened Black Market in 1995 and in 1997, they combined their boutiques into one concept and White House Black Market was born.

Throughout everything, their passion has always been to make women feel beautiful. That’s what White House Black Market is all about. And their clothing remains a symbol of who they are: the honest simplicity of black and white, and the remarkable individuality of the different styles we can build from it.