Curst Kosmetics

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Mariel Pabst, founder, Curst Kosmetics

Mariel Pabst is known as Madam in the Curst World of Makeup. She is a professional paranormal researcher/ghost hunter for her own series, “Ghost Vlogs,” est. 2017 with Inglewood Films. The 1st season of “GhostVlogs” can be seen on Amazon Prime, Vidi Space and YouTube.

Mariel got her first inspiration for makeup while filming an episode entitled, ”Needful Things.” She found herself in a crawl space wishing there was a longer-lasting lipstick that didn’t need to be reapplied. From that moment on, she would become “Madam” for Curst Kosmetics and a unique new woman-owned kosmetic line was born.

Madam has always been inspired with the supernatural and the tales of witches and went on to create makeup that is cruelty-free with the gift of a magickal experience with every purchase. 

From the Spell Liner and spell book palettes to the lip potions and body glitter. There are several unexpected delights to play with. This is high quality beauty, that allows you to play and show your fun side.

While the eyelashes and vampire collection may remind you of the Halloween season, these products are also great for those nights out on the town where sass and mystery are non-negotiable. Glow up your skincare today!

Curst Kosmetics is the spark you need!

Archaic spelling of cursed

Archaic spelling of magic.

Curst Kosmetics Donates 10% of all orders to Women in Domestic Violence Abuse. Use coupon code NADINEWA for a special discount!!