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Italian Soul

Do you have an affinity for All Things Italian? From their culture to their fashions to their landscape to their food (my personal attention-getter), all of Italy is something to celebrate, but here, we’re going to focus on what Mozzafiato offers the world of beauty… which is a lot, btw.

They’ve traveled all of the glorious regions of Italy to discover and bring you the very best native Italian beauty brands. These brands are born in Italy, their souls enriched by the country’s culture, history and geography. All of these products continue to be inspired by the innovative Italian families who created them. The Mozzafiato collection of brands share a commitment to beauty nourished by nature, time, and a deep connection to the land, people, and style of del Bel Paese.

Italian Style and Joy

Mozzafiato’s products embody the true spirit of Italian beauty and style—effortless grace, harmony, and originality that are each reflected in the gorgeous packaging, bold use of color, and sophisticated, masterful design. Their collection reflects their audience: modern and timeless, classic and spirited, elegant and joyful.

The Mozzafiato assortment speaks to the diversity of the beautiful country in which they are born and promises the authenticity of products from the rich and varied life experiences of those who create them.


Each brand in the Mozzafiato collection has been carefully selected as an embodiment of the incomparable Italian standards and sensibilities. Throughout the collection, you will discover products unlike any available elsewhere in the North American market, and be transported to the heart and heritage of the best beauty experience in the world.