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Makeup is about being true to yourself and enhancing your natural beauty. It helps you face the world.”

François Nars

Makeup selection hasn’t always had the same sensational varieties of color, purity and texture as it does today, leading a few makeup artists to begin their own cosmetics lines over the years. In the summer of 1994, armed with just 12 fierce shades of lippy, influential image-maker François Nars launched his own brand that would change the face of high fashion forever: NARS Cosmetics.


His goal? To inspire self expression and imaginative artistry through an unexpected, no-rules philosophy of beauty.

To do this, Nars went out of his way in search of ”non-traditional” beauties to show how effective his cosmetics are at amplifying everyone’s natural aesthetic. He was able to show us all that makeup should be assumed and not seen.


Today, NARS continues to inspire creativity and limitless artistry by embracing the audacious at every turn, bringing a high-fashion, high-style and forward-thinking approach to beauty. Every product contains endless opportunities for self-expression and the knowledge that there are no rules in makeup. Just do what you feel.