Trio Beauty

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Express your inner radiance through transformative beauty.

Their cruelty-free, vegan beauty products are guided by the transformations that occur in nature, moving us ever forward: a butterfly’s metamorphosis, the phases of the moon, the blooming of flowers. Trio Beauty looks toward these rhythms of the natural world, creating transformative, adaptable products that inspire self-expression, creativity, and confidence.

Mindful Makeup

The world of beauty can offer forms of self-care and empowering acts of agency — it allows us to create an outward identity defined by no one but ourselves. Trio Beauty believes in being unapologetic about what makes you feel like your favorite self, and they work to create an open dialogue free from judgment or shaming.

They say the best things come in 3s and Trio Beauty believes that also includes your brows. It only takes 3 steps to create and emphasize beautiful brows using their trio method.

— The Trio Method —

1. Shape

It is important to define the shape you desire for your brows and then decide how you want to go about creating or defining your shape. To do this you can use grooming tools, pomades, stencils, brow pens and pencils.

2. Texturize

It is time to add texture to create a 3-dimensional look. Even if you don’t have a lot of hair to work with, there are ways to create dreamy depth. To add texture, create realistic hair strokes and shading using our brow pens and pencils.

3. Set

Once your brows have been filled in and texturized, it’s time to make sure they last. End your routine by setting your brows. Use our brow wax or gel to add lift, fluff, emphasize texture and hold your look in place. Want to have some fun? You can intensify your brow look with glowing highlighters in an array of shades.

Brow Pomade & Pomade Kits