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Epic hair every day shouldn’t just be for the rich and famous. Everyone deserves the best treatment, period. With Gussi, you get back a bit of control over your schedule, your look, and – dare I say it? – your life. With their At-Home Keratin Treatment Kit, Gussi helps tame frizz and deliver smoothness, and then leave the rest up to you to style how you like and go back out into the world as your fiercest, baddest self. So show off those waves, curls, ringlets. They really mean it when they say ALL hair welcome.

Cheerful self-care and empowerment

Gussi exists to cheerfully enable great hair days for everyone. They are a haircare company with gutsy standards and conscientious products. Never settling, just shining. Always upbeat, they deliver confidence, empowerment and self-care that lets your best self thrive with endless fabulous hair days. Because #HairGoals should be achievable for every texture, type, budget and lifestyle.