Shu Uemura Art of Hair

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Creating something that is universally beautiful, that is art.

Shu Uemura
ashita supreme
for dull and damaged hair
Intense revitalization scalp & hair care products to reveal stronger, smoother and shinier hair.
urban moisture
– for dry hair –
Hair products that add intense nourishment & hydration, to create supple, soft hair with a natural glow and shine.
color lustre hair care
for colored hair
Hair products that limit color washout, leaving locks moisturized, vibrant, polished with maximum nourishment and shine.
muroto volume 
– for fine hair –
Hair products that provide a rich source of essential minerals and nutrients to hydrate and fortify the hair fiber and infuse long-lasting hair volume.

Mr. Shu Uemura, the pioneer of the brand, fervently believed in the idea of holistic beauty. It was his belief that “hairdressing is never complete without beautiful make-up and beautiful make-up is never complete without beautiful skin.” Shu Uemura Art of Hair aims to promote holistic beauty through providing essential hair care and styling products with unique formulas & ingredients that are able to be blended into tailor-made perfection to compensate to each individual’s unique hair needs.

silk bloom
– hair care for damaged hair –
Hair products that repair the structure of the hair fiber, reinforces and boosts the hair fiber, providing substantial touch from roots to ends.
essence absolue
– for all hair types –
Our hair oil products deeply nourish the hair fiber inside and out, leaving supple, smooth and shiny hair.
ultimate reset hair care
– for very damaged hair –
Hair products that deeply restore and solidify the hair fiber from within, nourishes, smoothes, and protects from external damage.
yūbi blonde hair care
for blonde hair
Hair products for blondes looking to neutralize unwanted yellow tones for long lasting cool results and intense nourishment.

The ultimate in avant-garde luxury, Shu Uemura Art of Hair fuses unique natural ingredients with trailblazing science, and the experience of the world’s most inspired hairstylists, to offer women everywhere the absolute artistry of beautiful hair.

cleansing oils
for all hair types
Our cleansing hair oil products provide a deep, yet gentle cleansing of scalp and hair bringing softness, lightness, natural movement & radiant shine.
shusu sleek
for coarse hair
Hair products that deeply nourish and discipline hair fiber, leaving hair with a light smooth texture and shiny finish, while taming frizzy hair.

As an ultra-luxury niche brand, Shu Uemura Art of Hair is the chosen brand for the most high end hairdressers. The brand’s vision of refinement comes to life through the hands of true hair artists. Precision, perfection, and savoir faire define our idea of luxury: Shu Uemura hair artists create the perfect hair of today through an intimate, sensorial experience, reaffirming that true mastery is the art of making the exceptional appear simple and sleek.

For Shu Uemura Art of Hair, haircare is more than just haircare. Styling is more than just styling. It is a trendsetting approach, in which luxury and modernity join together in harmony. It is a twist and an element of surprise. It is a territory of exploration to further express one’s singularity, style, and beauty.

the art of styling
professional formulas crafted for endless creativity –
Our new professional collection of luxury hair styling products, purposely formulated for blending and layering to achieve any hairstyles whether you are looking for volume and body, hold and control or a sleek and supple blowout.