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We’ve all seen the commercial and heard the story: Gwyneth Paltrow started her company, goop, out of her kitchen as just a newsletter. Since then, it’s become a lifestyle brand carrying sensational lines of beauty and skincare products, imaginative recipes that are dairy-free, gluten-free and sugar-free, and scads of research and advice on travel, style, interior decorating and wellness. They also have a magazine and a podcast, so you know they’re legit.

goop operates from a place of curiosity and non judgment. They start hard conversations, crack open taboos, and look for connection and resonance everywhere they can find it.


They’ve clinically tested and proven that beauty products don’t have to be toxic to us in order to be luxurious and effective. As such, goop curates the best in clean beauty and they also make their own line of glow-inducing skincare.

Beauty at goop balances the luxury and pure sensory delight of the highest quality skin, hair, makeup, bath and body, fragrance, and personal-care essentials with some of the strictest standards in the clean, nontoxic beauty space.

goop also fully believes that it’s possible to build a great wardrobe from a handful of beautifully made essentials that will last for years. Their fashion line, G. Label, reflects their beliefs in every stitch, pocket and button. They launch monthly capsule collections. Go check out this month’s features!

They make it a point to take a practical, sensible, service-focused approach to everything they do: outfitting ideas to help streamline your mornings, fashion uniforms to help prep for a busy workweek, game-changing gear that’ll get you through grueling workouts, fashion trends that have actual real-life potential—if it’s life-enhancing, day-bettering, or flat-out good-looking, the goop goal is to get it on your radar, stat.

In addition to the products made by goop, they also carry a tightly edited wellness shop of tools vetted for efficacy by their in-house research scientists. goop believes wellness is deeply individual. One woman’s path to health may call for sobriety; another’s may involve a nightly whiskey ritual. Regardless, it’s the holistic picture that matters to us, being careful never to cleave the mind from a conversation about the body, or the body from a conversation about the mind.

They take the same approach to their sex toy shop: Helping people discover their favorite vibrators is a (fun) job goop takes very seriously. The result of that curation process is a best-in-class assortment of adult toys and sexual wellness products designed for both beauty and function.


Food means a lot to goop. Whether you’re a passionate cook or a non-chef in need of an easy sheet-pan dinner on a busy weeknight, or you’ve decided to try a full-on healthy detox, they’ve got all kinds of recipes, ideas, videos, and even shopping lists to make your time in the kitchen as easy, fun, and (for the most part) healthy as possible. 

Their intention has always been to ask questions—about our sex lives, our spiritual lives, the food we eat, how we work out, what happens when we die—and they aren’t the only curious ones. The answers help us get closer to what “well” means to each of us individually.