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All-Natural Hair & Skin with Manuka Honey

After years of working in the cosmetics industry, the founders of Honeyskin Organics could no longer stand by and watch cheap, harmful fillers and chemicals going into outrageously priced products which claim to help your skin and hair, when in reality those products were only damaging your skin and hair further.

So, they decided to make a change by creating truly high quality skin and hair care products that contain some of the best ingredients the industry has to offer.


Honeyskin products have developed a sterling reputation for being beneficial to your skin and hair. The ingredients they use encourages skin cell production and gives your skin a soft, radiant and healthy glow.


All Honeyskin products contain raw Manuka honey sourced on New Zealand’s North Island.

Manuka honey is produced by local honey bees, who pollinate the flowers of the Leptospermum Scoparium tree (manuka bush), native only to New Zealand. It’s the Manuka flower working with the bee that produces nectar with characteristic and unique signature compounds. The levels of these compounds determine how high the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are in the honey.