My Skin Food 🍋

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Fresh Natural Ingredients

My Skin Food products are freshly handmade in the UK with the finest ingredients.

Crammed full of super concentrated, delicious fruity, botanical goodness for your hair & skin.

My Skin Food loaded the finest, freshest ingredients into their skincare. Let your skin feast on pure, concentrated fruity botanical goodness like it’s never experienced before.

Their luscious lip butter for the eco-conscious will regenerate and hydrate your lovely lips. Use twice daily and say hey there to happy hydrated lips.

Free your pits! My Skin Food also offers aluminum-free deodorant. When was the last time you used a deodorant that didn’t contain metal? *cringe* Their deodorants are super effective and super gentle.

Interested in body scrubs? My Skin Food carries all-vegan scrubs for all-over exfoliation and silky smooth skin. It is the ultimate nourishing body buff for the eco-conscious, with their fully compostable, plant-based wax paper packaging. You’ll find no palm oil, parabens or SLS here!

Oh, they’re fizzy. Very fizzy. Their natural bath bombs bring joy to your bath time! Each bath bomb is made to order and crafted by hand. Pamper you self-care routine or gift them to someone you know who needs a nice soak.

My Skin Food is committed to being plastic free and their packaging is compostable & recyclable.