Natures Skin & Body Food

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Their story started in 1985 when their founder discovered a process for rapidly extracting medicinal herbs. Instead of taking weeks or months, he created a process that yielded powerful herbal extractions in 48 hrs.

Over time this process has evolved into an advanced bio-extraction technology. Which is now used for extracting the nutrients and life energy from fresh healthy vegan foods. This technology is the foundation of their entire Natural Beauty Product Line.

Natures Skin & Body Food makes their products using a combination of healthy vegan foods that are extracted and concentrated into their finished products — which heal and transform with the full power of nature.

The ancients knew vibrant life is more than nutrients. There is also a subtle vibratory energy that is transferred when we eat, drink and breathe that science has not yet quantified.  

They developed early healing systems around these subtle life energies like the Chinese system of acupuncture and the Indian system of Ayurveda.  

Research has and continues to center around various combinations of fruits, vegetables and herbs that are abundant with this life energy and whether they can achieve a desired effect when used in a topical product.

These Natural Beauty Products will do more than just improve skin issues — they will add an inner radiance that will shine through to the outside world. Everything they do is about you becoming the most beautiful and healthy you.

Let them become a part of your life’s journey of health and wellness.