One Ocean Beauty

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One Ocean Beauty is a breakthrough, clean, clinically proven + sustainable beauty brand with the ocean at its heart. Their formulas fuse nature + science, using powerful marine ingredients from the world’s oceans, sustainably produced with Blue Biotechnology to help conserve our oceans.

There’s clean, and then there’s clean. One Ocean’s high-performance products not only work, but they’re non-toxic, clean, sustainable… the list of buzz words goes on. And, unlike so many beauty brands, we can actually use all of them.

One Ocean Beauty is clean, centered around extraordinary marine ingredients and peptides, doesn’t make your head hurt (i.e. one product that actually works, not ten versions of one), and also does good for the oceans. Their socially aware, cruelty-free products are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the good they plan to do for your complexion, your health and your oceans. There’s one ocean. There’s also one you.

The ocean brings both balance and happiness into our lives and we finally have a beauty brand that does just that.

One Ocean Beauty products are designed to do good for your skin + give back to the ocean.

Look good. Feel good. Do good.

The Face Collection

Clean + Clinically proven skincare powered by marine
active and peptides for radiant, rejuvenated, young-
looking skin.

Revitalizing Sea
Replenishing Deep Sea
Cult Favorites
Travel Kit
Skin Kit
Ultimate Firm
Skin Kit
Summer Skin
Essentials Kit
One Ocean Beauty
Skin System

The Body Collection

Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite
& increase muscle tone for firmer, more even skin.

Bioactive Body Sculpting
Marine Cream
Body Brush
Ultra Marine Cellulite
Night Cream
Body Boost
Body Wellness Kit