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9/3 Labor Day Weekend Sales [Fuck, yeah! 🤘🏼]

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8/30 In No Particular Order, I Give You Today’s Codes & Promos

Hey, y’all! Not much activity today, I’m afraid. I received my new iMac yesterday and I’m still setting it up. Can I tell you how happy I am real quick? First of all, I haven’t had a new computer in years. I’ve been surfing the net and conducting business on my iPhone and iPad. Only now am I realizing how much more complicated that was. I thought I was such a badass with my Apple pen and keyboard purchased from Amazon.

Anyways, here’s what I have for you before I have to concentrate on setting up this new computer… and vacuuming. My house is embarrassing right now.

[Bohemian Mama] Can You Feel the Love?

[Bohemian Mama] What’s Trending at Bohemian Mama?

Heavenly Widened Roses 🥀

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