375 Showroom: Bottega Veneta

June 28 July 2 CDT


stay consistently up-to-date on the very latest in high fashion and luxury, due to the label’s esteemed reputation for artful design and fine craftsmanship. Since Bottega’s amelioration – sparked by creative director Tomas Maier in 2001 – the brand continues to reflect on its initial, refined essence rather than playing into the widespread hype surrounding logomania and other trends.

The Italian leather goods company is a pinnacle of quality, and each piece is intended to meld into the buyer’s lifestyle seamlessly. From the iconic Intrecciato woven leather accessories, to the sleekness of each ready-to-wear collection, Bottega guards the threshold of opulence and taste. The core ideals of Bottega still stand in 2020, which hold that its items should not only be durable in the face of wear for years to come, but must also remain relevant in style throughout the life of its loyal clientele. [Rebag, The Vault]

Tata Naka

July 7 July 11

Tata-Naka is designed by identical twins, Tamara and Natasha Surguladze, born in Tbilisi, Georgia, 1978. Tata and Naka respectively, were childhood nicknames but many friends were unable to tell them apart and they became collectively referred to as Tata-Naka.

They arrived in London in 1996 to study design at Central St Martins. On graduating in the year 2000 Barneys NYC dedicated a whole wall to their awe-inspiring graduate collection.

The British Fashion Council awarded the designers the celebrated New Generation Awards at London Fashion Week three times in a row.

Tata Naka specializes in sculptural garments and cuts combined with bold colour and print, which are all produced from original artwork created by the girls themselves. The Tata Naka woman is “is adventurous and romantic, with a great sense of humour. She doesn’t feel the need to follow the trends but is capable of creating her own unique style.”

Tata Naka recently celebrated 20 years in business by expanding the brand to homeware and Interior. 🥳

This sale runs from July 7th 2023 to July 11th 2023, and ships to addresses in the US only.

Dhwani Bansal

July 7 July 11

Dhwani Bansal jewellery is characterised by a vocabulary of clean lines, geometry structures, and understated elegance. The dominant presence of intricacy through simplicity, the captivating influence of history and spirituality, the elegant merger of culture with minimalism, and the softness of organic beauty is what the designer behind this eponymous label seeks to embody in her designs.

Each collection taps into the timeless art of handcrafting jewellery to create pieces that reflect subtle traditional undertones against striking, modern silhouettes, and designs that are refined, self-assured and sometimes whimsical; modern must haves that combine dialogue with wearability. 🥳

This sale runs from July 7th 2023 to July 11th 2023, and ships to addresses in the US only.

375 Showroom: Unravel Project

June 21 June 25

To create something new, you must first destroy.

Ben Taverniti, founder, Unravel Project

Launched in 2015 by Ben Taverniti, Unravel Project is luxury streetwear collection for men and women. Raised in LA, influenced by Parisian lifestyle and produced in Milan, Unravel Project can’t arrest its evolution process, taking inspiration from people, places, experiences.

Taverniti, as founder and creative director, aims to disrupt the fashion industry abandoning all commercial compromise. Unravel Project is a defiant luxury style that disrupts and reimagines a high quality, self-expressed and timeless basic.

Immediately, Unravel Project caught the attention of important stores as Harrods,Net-à-Porter and Barneys, top models as Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Jasmine Sanders and celebrities in the music scene as Rihanna, Rita Ora, Pink and Migos.

This sale runs from June 21st 2023 to June 25th 2023, and ships to addresses in the US only.

Whiting and Davis

June 21 June 25

By the 1880s, a few European and American goldsmiths began to use karat gold mesh for purses, as a status symbol for the wealthy. Wade, Davis & Co created their first mesh bag made entirely by hand. It was very small, sterling silver, and three inches square.

By the 1920s, art deco and geometric patterns were all the rage. Women across the country, from Hollywood to the everyday woman, adored Whiting & Davis.

Today, Whiting & Davis is a mesh supplier for fashion designers, architects, and creates iconic occasion bags and accessories, celebrating a long tradition.

Steal the spotlight with luxury bags at 60% off! 🥳

This sale runs from June 21st 2023 to June 25th 2023, and ships to addresses in the US only.

375 Showroom: Brunello Cucinello

June 14 June 18

I felt responsible for the beauty of the world.


It is the beauty of things, of people, of ideas, of manners, of words. It is the beauty of life. The world is beautiful, the future is beautiful and bright. Beauty is not mere appearance, nor an external feature or something that only matters in the surface. Beauty is the shape of the inner qualities of people and things. Wherever there is beauty, there is positivity.

This sale runs from June 14th 2023 to June 18th 2023, and ships to addresses in the US only.

Ariana Bohling

June 14 June 18

Ariana Bohling is a Brooklyn-based handmade shoe brand.

Ariana began making shoes in her studio in Brooklyn beginning with delicately braided Italian leather sandals. Since then, she and business partner, Alyson Kurtz, have expanded production to Peru and Asia in order to maintain quality handmade products produced by local artisans in small workshops.

Ariana Bohling believes in fair trade practices that provide good working conditions & livable wages in order to promote sustainability of the artisans, their industry, and the art of handcrafting shoes. To ensure quality standards & working conditions Ariana and Alyson spend time in Peru and Asia to oversee the production and development process of the collection each season.

All shoes are handcrafted from 100% leather and all components are sourced locally.  All slippers use elements of Alpaca fiber or pelts which are sustainably sourced and cruelty-free. 

This sale runs from June 14th 2023 to June 18th 2023, and ships to addresses in the US only.

Minimale Animale

June 22 June 26

Since bursting onto the scene in 2009, Minimale Animale has been the talk of the swimwear town, rocking the fashion world with their fearless and audacious designs. They’re the masters of high-quality swimwear, splashing vibrant colors, one-of-a-kind prints, and flattering fits into their creations.

Made with love in Los Angeles, Minimale Animale brings a whole new flavor to the swimwear game, leaving celebrities and fashion-savvy folks swooning in admiration. From the sunny shores to the catwalks, this brand knows how to make a splash that’s both unforgettable and fabulous! 😍🩱

Labeca London

June 15 June 20

Labeca’s aim is to be a travelling partner to all women by creating chic and sophisticated looks that are suitable for every place and every season. The world is constantly evolving and Labeca’s pieces are designed to evolve with you. Whether you’re relaxing at home, heading into the office or off on your next adventure, Labeca promises limitless outfit combinations and timeless style solutions.

Labeca’s materials are indulgent but our philosophy is down to earth: women should be able to look and feel sophisticated wherever they go. Crafting luxury travel and loungewear for every season, our elevated wardrobe staples inspire chic and elegant outfits for everyday and beyond. Labeca’s approach to design emphasises comfortable fabrics, feminine tailoring and natural confidence for a fashionable work-life balance. 🥳

This sale runs from June 15th 2023 to June 20th 2023, and ships to addresses in the US only.