9/16 Codes + Promos from the Niche


Up to 30% Off
Ends TBD

No Clouds Allowed in the Sky! ☀️

Ay, Mi Amor

Heavenly Widened Roses 🥀

Up To Extra 15% Off
(Fri – Mon)
Valid 7/1 – 7/4

Gonna Mix It Up A Lil 😀

Morning, y’all! Lol, it’s 20 minutes to noon 😂 Anyways, I have an amazing load of codes and promos for y’all today! And it’s such a beautiful day out; I really hope you find the time to enjoy it… unless it’s hot where you are. Then I wish you luck in finding adequate air conditioning 🥵

Today, I think I’m gonna shake my layout up a bit and include my thoughts as well as the codes. Just something new to try.

:: Meanwhile, I just got distracted by unfollowing people on Twitter who unfollow me. For 20 minutes ::

So, I’ve been perusing other blogs and trying to get ideas to widen my reach. I have social media, but it’s just not taking off. I’m beginning to doubt that I’m even doing this affiliate marketing thing correctly. I really don’t want to find out I’ve been scouring the internet daily for codes to post and no one’s reading them 😒

The part that sucks… I love this. I love scouring the ’net. I love web design and blog posts. I love fashion and helping people. I love learning HTML, Java, CSS, all that stuff. Losing myself to my work for the afternoon is all I want to do. It’s everything I love and I really wanted to be able to support myself with it. Because sleeping all day doesn’t pay well at all 😴 🛌