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Did Gwyneth always know that she had a professional rebrand in her future? Probably not. But in a way, goop came to her in her 30s as naturally as the urge to act did in her younger years. “I was always curious and asking questions, so why not make it official?” she says. “The idea of goop evolved and grew, and I along with it.” To celebrate her birthday today, we put together a (not entirely comprehensive) timeline of her five decades of forging her own path.

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“I understand on some level that life is linear, that I have lived x number of days thus far and I have more in the basket under my arm than I do in the field before me. But there is something about the sweetness of life that exists deep within me that is unchanged, that will not change. It is the essence of the essence. It seems to be getting sweeter,” writes Gwyneth, ahead of her birthday next week.

Our hair and scalp accumulate sebum (a natural protective oil), hair products, dead skin cells, sweat, and other buildup in the course of everyday living. Over time, this can weigh hair down, making it look dull or feel heavy. Here, the best (clean) ways to clarify hair, leaving it fresh, with renewed volume and shine.

[goop] the tuesday newsletter

Take a look at the new LYMA laser’s before-and-after photos—wrinkles plumped to youthful suppleness, crepey knees beautifully smoothed—and you might think they’ve been tampered with. They have not; the FDA-approved laser dramatically firms and smooths both face and body.

No white after Labor Day? Don’t mix navy and black? You can’t wear socks with sandals? We break down the so-called style rules it’s time to let go of.

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Tapping therapy, also known as emotional
freedom techniques or EFT, combines three
modalities—cognitive therapy, exposure therapy,
and acupressure—to help reframe old negative
beliefs. “The frame through which we hold a
memory is more important than the memory
itself,” says Dawson Church, PhD, who’s conducted
decades of research on tapping. “It determines if
the memory becomes traumatic or not.” 

Back-pocket styling strategies to help you nail
the less-is-more look—plus, all the black-and-white
basics your closet could need.

[goop] the thursday newsletter

Ayurvedic practitioner Avanti Kumar-Singh, MD,
doesn’t believe in dosha quizzes. Instead, she
outlines how intuitive the everyday practice of
Ayurveda can be. It mostly involves asking
ourselves simple questions, like: What do my
symptoms feel like? Hot or cold? Oily or dry? And
then tuning in to our bodies for the answers.

These clean, all-mineral formulas feel
luxurious and smooth on like a dream.

[goop] the tuesday newsletter

Rather than retiring your warm-weather favorites,
try styling them in new-to-you ways that will
work in cooler temperatures.

[goop] the thursday newsletter

“I’m excited about my relatively new spa
routine — our home spa in Montecito has a
cold plunge, hot tub, steam room, and
sauna — all of which get used often,” says
GP. “Brad is an obsessive cold plunger, and
we both love a good sun a schvitz. But you
definitely don’t need a spa in order to do
this routine.”

Gucci lands on Long Island, Hermès gets
sporty, and Louis Vuitton celebrates a
bicentennial — these are the fashion
events, collabs, and collections the goop team is
drawing inspiration from right now.

[goop] the goop style

Gwyneth’s approach to getting dressed, designing goop’s in-house label, and curating the essentials you’ll want to buy again and again.

[goop] the thursday newsletter

The benefits of microdosing… plus, a guide to the Hamptons.

Microdosing is the practice of using a small amount of a
psychedelic substance with the hope of enhancing
well-being. Science has not yet confirmed whether
microdosing works, but advocates claim it has vast
benefits that are worth further research. Here, a look at
how it works, the potential benefits, safety
considerations, microdosing’s impact on neuroplasticity,
and more.

Just as our muscles repair themselves
while we rest, so, too, does our skin.
We were excited to take advantage of that natural
skin-repair function: Our newest sun-damage
superweapon is designed to work at night, while
you sleep.