[Gucci] GG Accessories with the Tiger Head

A signature symbol of the House, the
tiger head defines a selection of GG
bags and accessories for a bold take
on classic designs speaking to
Creative Director Alessandro
Michele’s fascination with the natural

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[Gucci] Gucci Run Requests That You Don’t Run

Don’t Run

Imagine a place of nothing but infinite flow—an
ethereal state of brilliance where the mind enters
the clouds and wanders through their quietude as
the feet remain firmly planted on the ground.
Only through stillness can we tap into this
creativity, which is why the Gucci Run sneaker
wants you to slow…it…down…

The Gucci Run sneaker steps into a mindset of
dynamic stillness where every action, every
movement, and every thought follows
intuitively from one to the next in an
uninterrupted flow of creativity.

[Gucci] GG Wallets in Colorful Hues

A signature House emblem, the GG is
refreshed in colorful shades that lend a
contemporary charm to a storied design.

[Gucci] Loafers with a Loafer Feel

Reimagined in a Gucci key, this traditional
silhouette is embellished with a contemporary logo
detail to bring versatile style to tailored or casual looks.

[Gucci] Belts with Emblematic Buckles

Emblematic Buckles

Archival buckles take center stage across a refined
yet versatile selection of belts to create memorable
looks season after season.

Timeless Palettes

Furthering the House’s exploration of emblematic codes,
GG Marmont belts in monochrome palettes offer
a fresh take on the archival design.

Gucci Blondie

A refined and rounded rendition of this motif from the
‘70s is reinterpreted for a retro take on elegance.

[Gucci] Bamboo in Beloved Handbags


An innovative and ingenuous design detail from the
1940s has now become an emblematic element
within the House’s collections, including the Gucci
Bamboo 1947 and Gucci Diana. The Beloved
handbag lines are showcased in a new series of
images and a short film entitled ‘Kaguya by Gucci,’ a
modern retelling of an ancient Japanese tale about
a bamboo cutter.

[Gucci] The GG Marmont in a New Neutral


A Beloved line of the House, GG Marmont
handbags are presented in a new, deep shade
of green for an unexpected neutral that blends
seamlessly into any wardrobe.


Watch the playful making-of video to discover the
craftsmanship behind the GG Marmont.

The Rhyton Sneaker for Love Parade

Embellished with a colorful rendition of an emblematic House code.


In a nod to the icons of yesteryear, the Rhyton
sneaker is embellished with a colorful rendition
of the emblematic Interlocking G against
the backdrop of a vivid star. The shoes
are set on a chunky sole in a bulky silhouette to elevate
their retro influences.

Introducing Towards the Sun


Stepping into a new season, the
House presents a special selection
that embodies the easy-going spirit
of sunny days. Mixing light fabrics
with bright pops of color, the pieces
envisioned for warm-weather gear
are showcased in a campaign shot on
the coast of Cape Cod — the escape
of choice for many artists and


As an ode to the act of vacationing,
the selection features luggage from
the Gucci Ophidia line, recalling the
House’s century-long legacy in travel.