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[KIKO Milano] Blue Me: The New Autumn Collection



For responsible beauty

✓ A complete selection of make-up, skincare products and accessories with vegan formulas and sustainable ingredients
✓ Rich textures, with intense colour release
✓ An elegant design inspired by sea anemones, deep blue waters and precious pearly white glows.

[KIKO Milano] NEW Blue Me Collection



For responsible beauty

✓Sustainable and recyclable ingredients
✓Packaging with recycled and recyclable materials

[KIKO Milano] Face Serum: Why & How Should You Use It

Face serum

It’s the basis of any skincare routine but, strangely
enough, people don’t usually know much about it. 
Discover what makes it so special, when to use it and,
most importantly, how to choose the right one.

[KIKO Milano] Italian DNA


Discover beauty rooted in Italian style

Do you have that Italian spirit?

Driven by a passion for beauty, you put your heart
into everything you do, love details and the way you
compose them into something beautiful. If you do,
then you are ready for a makeup that embodies the
dynamism and creative free spirit that only an
Italian brand can provide.

So let yourself be conquered by the cosmetics
brand born in the fashion capital. Add a touch of
KIKO color and originality to all of your occasions
and bring out all the natural beauty inside you.

[KIKO Milano] Enter the World of KIKO Milano

KIKO knows you’re busy, on the go,
and always helping others. This is
part of how you define your own

They get you.

KIKO is made for
you and your beauty

So whether you are looking for just
the basics when keeping it to a
minimum, going all out with a glam
look, a splash of color to brighten the
mood, or even spa-like treatments for
those self care moments, KIKO can
give you what you need.

They break down the latest trends, so
that you can get that high quality you
are looking for in an accessible way.